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Re: How many dice sets?

Tue 11 Jun 2019, 01:01

I haven't pre-ordered yet, so didn't have a chance to look into the rulebook.
But from what I've understood so far is, that you roll a number of dice that is combined from your talent and skill - and maybe add dice for equipment.
Say you roll for Agility (3) Piloting (3) you would be rolling 6  base dice for your test, right?

For stress dice I don't know how they work and how many one would need.
Do stress dice replace base dice? I could imagine that, if you're stressed, you are worse doing things so your cool dice (base) are lower for every level of stress and it becomes more likely to fail.

The thing is, I want to have everyone on the table to have their own stack of dice.
What would be recommended per 1 player (what is even the maximum amount of dice a player can gather with the help of gadgets)?
With no further information I'm thinking maybe to take 3 base sets for 2 players.
So everyone would have 15 base dice.
What about stress dice?

Thanks in advance!
In a skill you roll a number of base dice equal to your attribute (1-5, typical 2-4) and your skill (0-5). To this you add any bonus any gear can give you (most often 0-2). This can of cause be modified by the GM as he wished (+-) but modifications tend to be penalties (except for shooting at point blank range or at a barn door or something).

So a skill roll is usually done by less than 10 dice even though it can sometimes be more (rare). Every now and then your character will take stress. Whenever you are rolling for a skill you must add number of stress dice to the roll equal to your stress level. I know that there are 10 boxes on the character sheet for stress levels, but I don't know if that is a maximum or just good number that fits the sheet. But looking at the stress & panic effects, i will be amazed if you get even 10 stress levels, without "crashing" (to be honest, I don't think it is even possible).

So if you want every player to have their own dice sets, 10 base dice (one base dice set) and 10 stress dice (one stress dice set) s enough (I don't know if every player actually will need 10 stress dice, perhaps). If any player must roll 11 or 12 dice sometimes, they can on those rare occasions borrow some base dice from each other. You as a GM don't use stress dice (what I know of), but you can make use of some base dice sometimes (more than 10).
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Re: How many dice sets?

Tue 11 Jun 2019, 04:11

I buy the "cases" of 12mm d6s made by chessex.

36 dice per case. 3 colors give plenty for a party of 5 players and a GM.

For instance I go these for Forbidden Lands.


Skills ... rQYd0_UNdQ

Equipment ... ctupt=true
We all have plenty of d8s/10s/ and 12s for when we need them.

I just can't justify spending 30 bucks for not enough dice for 1 person when for 36 bucks I can get enough dice for everyone.
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Re: How many dice sets?

Tue 11 Jun 2019, 20:51

Those smaller chessex dice are what we used to run Alien at UKGE they have the added advantage, that they are small enough for players to add them to their stress track on their character sheets rather than check boxes
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Re: How many dice sets?

Sat 15 Jun 2019, 05:54

If you're too cheap for the official, but are willing to modify some "inexpensive" dice... (I remember paying US $0.75 per set of 5d6, and gamescience dice for under $0.50 each...)

Get a couple of contrasting paint pens, and repaint the 6's in one color, the 1's in another, other than the default color for the dice.

I did similar for my dice for TOR - I took black dice pipped white, and used pink paint for the 1/2/3 (which don't count when exhausted)... players find it very clear, even tho' it leaves them perfectly useable for other games.

(Mind: I've preordered the standard kit, so I'll get some official dice, and I have a couple players likely to need the symbol if they choose to play, at least til the grasp it.)
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Re: How many dice sets?

Wed 14 Aug 2019, 18:24

All of these options look great. Those colors look thematically perfect. But I don't like cubes because they don't roll well.

Instead, I'm going with doublesix dice. Doublesix concept is straightforward—use d12s with each of digits 1 through 6 printed twice. dd6 probabilities are identical to d6 probabilities, and they roll better than d6s. The second generation doublesix dice kickstarter is here: ... =user_menu
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