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Re: Alien take on MYZ-engine

Mon 22 Jul 2019, 00:09

  • Androids are possible as PC (Xenomorphs are not. ;) )
Deep_Impact, thank you for posting the link to the interview with Thomas Härenstam. After listening to it, I cannot conclude that players can not play as Xenomorphs.  Firstly, Thomas was hesitant to answer the question about Player-controlled Xenormorphs. Secondly, Thomas said that while the default mode is that players would not play as Xenomorphs, he also said there are variants on that default

I'm hopeful players could play as xenos.
Teachnically, players can retain control for a bit with some xenos in CotG...
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Re: Alien take on MYZ-engine

Mon 22 Jul 2019, 17:18

Woot. Looking forward to it. Thanks aramis.
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