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Consumables confusion

Wed 14 Oct 2020, 16:27

Hi all!

I found the Alien RPG due to backing the T2K KS, and love it!

However, I do have a bit of confusion regarding Consumables and gear. A Candy Bar gives Food Supply +1, so does that mean if I have 10 Candy bars, my Food Supply for my character is a 10?

Also, as I understand it, my character will have consumables for Air Supply, Food Supply, Power Supply, and Water Supply. Each bit of gear though can have a Power Supply rating separate from my own?

Any help out there? :)
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Re: Consumables confusion

Wed 14 Oct 2020, 16:45

If you have 10 Food Supply, it counts as three items and yes, you can have as much food and water as you like. Although food and water isn't that important except during special circumstances, you are trapped somewhere for a long time or you are hiking or something.

When it comes to other consumables, then technically it is your space suit that has Air Supply and each space suit will have their own Air Supply, but since you can only wear one space suit, that will become your Air Supply. Power Supply is tricky because as you said, it is possible to have two or more items that have a Power Supply. In those cases you have to keep track of each item's Power Supply separately.
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Re: Consumables confusion

Sun 18 Oct 2020, 21:19

Although food and water isn't that important except during special circumstances
So far I have not been in games where this was used (but I use it as a GM) however if you look at page 35 it says that you roll for Water: Once per day, and after every strenuous activity like combat or a MOBILITY roll.
After every Combat and Mobility and other strenuous activities is quite often.

p. 106 gives info' on being Dehydrated (which is normally after 1 day w/o water) w. problems like not being able to regain Health/Stress...

So, for me, Water can be quite important.
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