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ALIEN Scenario Locations

Sat 18 May 2019, 14:48

There are, of course, many potentially interesting scenario locations within the ALIEN setting. But since this is a setting mainly based on a few movies, I guess most of us would prefer to see locations that are, in some way, familiar. I'm sure there are many ideas out there. As a start, here are a few ideas that came to my mind after reading some of the posts about the upcoming ALIEN RPG. The locations I'm focusing on here are truly ALIEN to me. I know there is a time line in the RPG setting, but here I have just brainstormed without considering that too much.

The Fiorina 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit
This is the human prison colony from Alien³. It was once a lot bigger, with thousands of prisoners, and it seems to be a part of a quite substantial industry. What happened in the colony some years before the events in Alien³? It must have been quite a place – violent, dangerous and with some financial value. And not everyone there were prisoners – there must have been some administration and a quite big group of guards. And sometimes there must have been visitors – transports with new prisoners and supplies, scientists with certain missions, and business representatives etc. A lot of those people must be somewhere else now, still with contacts, memories, and secrets from the colony. I can imagine both NPC:s and PC:s with this background. Perhaps a former prisoner with a double Y-chromosome (a mutation that makes men very aggressive)? Or a scientist with some really nasty, dangerous and secret knowledge from medical experiments? Or some prisoners who managed to escape, now still on run?  

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USCSS Nostromo
When this starfreighter was destroyed by Ellen Ripley in 2122, it had then been used for quite some time, probably with several different crews. Who had previous been in the Nostromo crew? Did they know any of the last crew members? How where they connected to Weyland-Yutani? There might be a lot of people looking for the ship after the sudden disappearance in 2122. Some of them might be connected to the last crew members, but also people from other large corporations might be interested. Looking for the the ship (or the remains of it) can be an interesting mission, perhaps resulting in confrontations with others. Someone might also have stored data from the ship and it´s final journey. What is really known by others? What is the true value of this information? Who might be interested?          

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The Lunar colonies
There are several colonies on the moon. Two of them, Plymouth and Olympia, were founded by The United Americas. And the Weyland-Yutani Corporation also has major headquarters here. Those locations must be really important in the ALIEN setting. A lot of people might, just like Ellen Ripley, be born there. What does a Lunar background mean? Who are the main employers? What do Lunar people do for work? I would guess mining, military, research? What secret locations are there? 

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