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Mon 29 Apr 2019, 23:16

I've been in grim spiritual ecstatic love with Giger's art ever since I was five and my brother bought Emerson Lake & Palmer's album. That cover stuck a psychic scalpel into my third eye and began its (ahem) brain salad surgery. By the time the film came out, I didn't yet know who Ridley Scott was, but I was a ravenous fan of Hans Ruedi.

The single most financially valuable book I possess is a LE signed copy of Necronomicon I & II (#96 of 666).
It's in a box wrapped in black velvet and you gotta wear photographer gloves if you wanna hold it... I have an extra pair.

Alien is a cinematic masterpiece favorite (with less personal interest—less Giger influence and less impressive aliens—in each passing franchise film, but that's another story), and the creature is certainly one of the (THE) most incredible critter(s) to terrify/enrapture a film audience.
It's the most perfect black germ of menace: a spider/wasp/scorpion phallic cthuluvian parasitic entity that can (in any game terms) grapple, claw/claw, bite/bite, tail impale, has acidic saliva and blood, secretes toxic venom as well as web-cocoon fiber, can violently impregnate, and assimilate to virtually any atmospheric condition.

How does a reasonable player character kill it without—like Ripley—a number of very lucky rolls; how often is that going to be believable in game terms?
I've never seen an rpg that did the alien creature justice.

Honestly, wasn't hopeful when first seeing the notice for this one, despite my love of Coriolis and Genlab;
those darklings from between the stars are curiously Gigeresque in our games...

Then I read
this game mode emphasizes high stakes and fast and brutal play. You are not all expected to survive.

Okay, Fria Ligan. TPKs in Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green have been the absolute best memories in a forty-year playing career—
a game of Giger's Alien where I'm not expected to survive…?

I will never have money to throw at you,
but on a certain night when the moon is right,
I'll dig up one of my thirteen rusty mason jars
& will be sure to have some when it's time.

I'm in.
"Se til helvete å komme dere vekk. Det er ikke en bikkje! Det er en slags TING!
Det imiterer en bikkje. Det er ikke virkelig! Kom dere vekk, IDIOTER!"
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Re: Survival

Wed 01 May 2019, 08:32

Happy to hear it!
Fria Ligan