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Commissars vs Inspectors

Mon 31 Dec 2018, 22:26

It strikes me as odd that the Judicators have two Chief Inspectors, but no Inspectors. It says somewhere in the English rules Beta that all players hold the rank of Commissar. I’d propose that the team leader should be designated the team Commissar and that Inspector should be the character’s regular rank. In English, Commissar refers to a political commissary officer in the Soviet Union. (In Russian, it could also refer to a regular commissary officer charged with logistical responsibilities). A Political Commissar didn’t outrank the officers they were attached to, but weren’t subordinates either. They were supposed to be a check on the officer corps because the Bolsheviks didn’t trust their own army after the revolution. So the experienced officers made tactical and strategic decisions but commissars were supposed to monitor and sign off on those orders to make sure they weren’t doing anything to undermine the the party. That sounds a little bit like the job of the team leader as described in the game. They don’t out rank the other players, but are a little bit more trusted, (at least by the players that voted for them), and have a little bit more responsibility to keep an eye on everybody else.