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Re: [English] Help with translation

Fri 10 Jun 2016, 14:55

Gribble – I'll translate within your text, anwers marked with §.
Thanks all for your help so far - the tip about trying to split up words has helped a lot.

However, I have a new batch of words and phrases that I (or at least google) can't seem to make sense of - help appreciated to translate the meaning:

Words - I've added notes where I've been able to derive some meaning:
  • lagvrängare - § lawyer (literally "twister of law")
  • lydkaraktär - § character obeying someone else (probably a shadow power?)
  • färdebrev - §passport, but probably within a country (literally "letter of travel")
  • Somatrofi/ Somatrofiär - is this best translated as "Shagulite arts"? § one of the Shagulite arts – the ability to transform your own body (over time - not instant shape shifting)
  • Huligan, Mogul, Columna (ranks of Somatrofi) - § just titles on different levels within the Shagulites.
  • Bansikan - § a warriors code. Think "bushido" although this is more about attitude and abilities.
  • Lurpass – §"Lurpassa" is to hide and wait on someone with bad intent. Don't know the context.
  • okvädning - I think the quickstart translates this as "profanity", but that seems oddly specific to swearing - is it more about insults and verbal taunts? §This is to insult, which is an art in Trakorien
  • First, I'm trying to understand the Trakoriska / Trakoriens. I realise it's related to the name of the country/world, but I'm not sure which is the adjective (describing a thing) which I think would be Trakor*ian* in English, and which is the collective noun (describing a group of people with that nationality), which I think should be Trakor*ians* in English. § Trakoriska = "Trakorian" (adj), Trakoriens = "of Trakorien" (genitive), Trakorier = "Trakorians"
  • Google translates the italic part of the sentence "Legendariska hugg: Dina attacker med minst en ÖT kan skada drakar, demoner och liknande varelser, även om ditt vapen inte är förtrollat (sid 146)." as "even if your weapon is enchanted", which given the context doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Should this be "even if your weapon is not enchanted"? §Yes, as you suspect
  • Google translates the italic part of the sentence "Spådom: Om du utför en ritual som tar en scen i anspråk as "scene in the claims". I've seen this a few times, but I'm not sure what it means? Some kind of special scene? §"claims a scene"
  • "Kroppsdelar som huggits av lever vidare på egen hand" - google tranlsates this as pretty much gibberish. §this translates to "severed body parts live on on their own"
  • "Skada från hugg- och stickvapen halveras" - I'm not sure what the word (prefix?) "hugg-" means here (or in general) I think it refers to weapons of some kind? § chopping weapons.
  • "Läkekonst drar nytta av giftkokares brygder, kan bruka alkemisters pulver och använda lärospån från ytterligare andra områden." - again, google translates this a gibberish.
"Art of healing kan use the brews of poisoners, powders of alchemists and knowledge from other areas"

Thanks again!
Hopefully some help
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Re: [English] Help with translation

Sat 11 Jun 2016, 11:33

Again, I wouldn't bother with setting specific or otherwise arcane lingo unless I was using the actual setting. Regarding the Okvädning thing - it's pretty much specific to one (well, the dominating) culture in the setting and might be a bad match for your own setting. I'd suggest doing what I did myself (and with the default setting nonetheless); house ruling it into a general Rhetoric ability instead. Because otherwise any character not from the island of Paratorna don't have a general speaking skill available.
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Re: [English] Help with translation

Sat 11 Jun 2016, 17:00

Somatrofi would be Somatrophy in english I think. The same type of word as "Anthroposophy" or "Theosophy". Also very setting-specific.
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Re: [English] Help with translation

Sun 12 Jun 2016, 01:29

Thanks all.

Some follow on questions:
1) Somatrofi - in Swedish, is this a "made up" word as a unique name for the art? Or does the term itself have meaning? I guess what I'm trying to figure out is whether it's better translated as "body modification", or "body evolution" or similar, or whether I should translate as "somatrophy" and preserve the name (assuming I'm using the setting, or at least the Shagulite order).
2) For the Shagulite order rank names, the first and last have English equivalents - Novice and Patriarch respectively. I was wondering if the others did as well - at least in intent if not literal meaning. For example google suggested "spine" for one of them and I was wondering, given the theme of the ability, whether they were all named after body parts.
3) Would it make sense to translate Bansikan (in general terms) as "Code of Honour" or "Warriors Code"? Or if it is an in setting term, rather than a Swedish word, and better left as is rather than translated?
4) From context, it seems the best English translation of okvädning is probably (a particular Trakorian type of) "Mockery" - does that seem right?
5) Does the context of "claims a scene" make it mean that the action itself must be played out in a scene? Is that the intent? I.e. play out a scene and then make the roll?
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Re: [English] Help with translation

Sun 12 Jun 2016, 18:46

1. The root of the word somatrofi is probably latin or greek or something and not Swedish. I see no real point in including it in your setting though. There is at least no point in showing this ability to your players, as knowing the Shagulite powers is a spoiler (as it was in my campaign).

2. Basically same as above. No need to translate the titles.

3. Bansikan is also on these lines, even if I suspect it is a completely made up name. Don't see any point in importing this concept into another setting either.

4. Yeah, but only relevant if you have a similar culture in your setting.

5. Not sure what you mean. But a "scene" is basically used as a unit of in-game time, even if a scene could last for only a few seconds in game time, or a couple of weeks in the case of uneventful scenes. Most effects in the rules only last until the next scene, i e when some other interesting thing happens, or when you change the scenery and thus prompt a new "scene". It takes a while to get used to as the game is mostly focusing on dramatic effect and not any kind of simulation.
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Re: [English] Help with translation

Mon 13 Jun 2016, 01:30

Thanks for your perspective, but as I said above: "assuming I'm using the setting, or at least the Shagulite order". I've noted your feedback that I don't need to include these things in my game, but let's assume I do want to include them anyway, and I'm still looking for help to translate/understand the terms.

Thanks for the tip about the origin of the word rather than it being an invented Swedish word. Turns out the translation of the Greek "Soma" is "body" and "trophy" is "growth"... so that allows me to come up with a decent translation.

In terms of the "claim a scene" bit, I understand the literal translation provided, but I'm not sure I'm clear on the intent of the whole phrase "to do [something] requires you to claim a scene and make a test" (which I've seen in a few places). Is the intent of the rules:
1) That doing [something] requires a scene (i.e. it isn't just a simple roll, and the scene has to be accommodated in the overall story); and/or
2) That doing [something] allows the player to take narrative control and initiate/describe a scene that does [something]?
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Re: [English] Help with translation

Mon 13 Jun 2016, 22:17

I think the skill-system is meant to accomodate both 1 and 2 in the overall game. But the "claim"-thing would be version 2. ("I need a bomb, so I wan't a a scene where I'm making a bomb").
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Re: [English] Help with translation

Wed 15 Jun 2016, 05:07

Thanks for that. Would a reasonable translation for "claims a scene" be "initiates a scene"?
E.g.: I plan to translate the sentence:
"Att söka efter en kontakt tar en scen i anspråk, och kräver ett dådslag för Vattnets blod."
"To search for a contact requires you to initiate an appropriate scene and make a test using Water."
Does that seem right?

Also, I've now reached the prophecy section... I'd like to translate the table of random prophecy verses, but perhaps understandably Google is badly mangling the translations of such abstract sentences. Would anyone like to volunteer to provide English translations of the Swedish verses? Pretty please?
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Re: [English] Help with translation

Wed 15 Jun 2016, 14:32

My knowledge of english and the system we are discussing is not good enough I'm afraid. But I still think that its a bit wrong that you have to "initiate" there. 

Att söka efter en kontakt tar en scen i anspråk, och kräver ett dådslag för Vattnets blod

my swenglish-translation:

To search for a contact takes a scene, and requires a test for Water.

You can initiate the scene, or just use another scene for contact-looking. I think. 
Regarding the verses: my english suck, and I have a shortage of time. However, as I remember, it's mostly gibberish: "The ear will listen when the moon sings!" and you put it together yourself. Even if you are using the setting exactly as written, I would say that exact translations of the verses is overshoot. Just use the google translate-gibberish and polish the ones you are going to use. 

The setting is even awesomer than the rules, so I think it's cool that it gets translated! I'll gladly help with the stuff I can :)
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Re: [English] Help with translation

Thu 16 Jun 2016, 01:18

To search for a contact takes a scene, and requires a test for Water.

You can initiate the scene, or just use another scene for contact-looking. I think. 
Ok, thanks. I guess that is what I was trying to clarify with my previous question - whether it just requires a scene, or whether the player takes narrative control and initiates a scene. If the closer translation is "requires" then I'm happy with that as well - thanks for the clarification.

In terms of the prophecies, that makes sense. I don't mind them being comprehensible gibberish, the problem is that google is giving me incomprehensible gibberish! E.g. rather than "The ear will listen when the moon sings!", I get something like "the body part <swedish word> speak the celestial"... and I'd like to have something closer to what you wrote. Maybe if I post side-by-side Swedish/English versions, people can look them over and let me know if the translation is comprehensible gibberish or not? Here's what I have so far, based on google and some manual massaging by me:

Det rakade huvudet fäller rådet = The shaven head falls Council
Den fjärde, en gamling, skall av rädsla nedslås = The fourth, an old man, to be intimidated by fear
De rättroende slås av blixt och krig = The law depending struck by lightning and war
Under en furste ska freden lysas = Over a principality peace will illuminate
Röd randas krämarnas gryning = Red dawn shopkeepers daybreak
Av gammalt lammens grogrund slits = Of old lambs fertile ground torn
Tårögd rasar tvehågsen ande = In tears raging two minds spirit
Lögn bryter trolöshetens band = A lie breaks bonds of faithless
Eld ur eld omfamnar pilgrimens kärl = Fire of fire embraces the pilgrim vessel
Murar raseras av osynlig hand, faller till botten = Walls razed by the unseen hand, fall to the bottom
Den främste av furstar träder åter fram = The preeminence of the rulers comes again forward
Tronar likt fordom med härskarens krans = Enthroned like the of old the ruler's crown
Bentorra runor bjuda till råds = Bone dry runes invite the Council
Viskar med grenarnas vingar om rening = Whispers of the branches wings of purification
Skallrande jordafall djupen får skåda = Rattling earth case the depths behold
Se mästares slakt under måne = See the master slaughter during the moon
Ont svider sveket av släktbanda ondska = Wicked stings the treachery of family banda evil
Rasta får den färdas rustad = Rest receive it travels equipped
Marackel sonar synd uti mängd = Marackel sonar sin quantity UTI
Kasta den trefalda trossen i askan = Discard the trefalda baggage in the ashes
Kluvna näsan ska krossa narren = Cleaved nose will break the fool
Slav blir den som sover ensam = The slave becomes the sleeping solo
Hemlik vän blir hemligt vunnen = Homely friend becomes secret won
Bordets skiva ska osten stjäla = The table panel must cheese steal the
Randig egg ger rinnande vägg = Striped blades provide flowing wall
Blek som kolet, kall som branden = Pale as coal, cold as fire
Stympade drömmar vill drogen skänka = Truncated dreams drugs bestow
Med koppar i hand ska hoppet hämnas = With cups in hand will jump to avenge
Tråden ser jag runt truten sydd = The thread I see around mouth shut stitched
Väljer väl få av de fattiga svälten = Choose well few of the poor hunger
Stål ska skära då sol stiger = Steel will cut as the sun rises
Sexben hotar med yxa i höjden = Six legs threaten with an axe held high
Rikt får den rakt faller = Directional gets it directly falls
Kärilet vill till det klaraste vattnet = Kärilet want the clearest water
Himmelens spjut hastar mot stenen = Heavens spear horses against the stone
Årans gång ångrar sig aldrig = Honor once repents never
Långfaren väg är ägares lott = Long road Faren's owners lottery
Bortom blått vaknar tand av tid = Beyond the blue wakes tooth of time
Den bleke lyfter sin slöja ur djupet = The pale lifts her veil from the depths
Mörker under mörker tystnar, tiden föds = Darkness in the dark silent, the time is born
En skall falla, två skall dö = One shall fall, two die
Guld mot silver vänder nattens kyla = Gold to silver turns cold of the night
Från gudars sköte kommen, i gudars namn förlorad = From the bosom of the gods come, in the gods name is lost
Till härskares hall vill den gamle vända = In rulers hall wants the old man turn
Den förste kallas åter av stumma stämmors rop = The first one is called the return of silent polyphonic voice cries
Ur aska lyfter korpen, väver framtids lycka = From the ashes raises the raven, weaving present period good fortune
Ensam skall av vänner svikas = Alone will be betrayed by friends
Ur guld kommer grav, ur jord kommer aska = From the gold will tomb from the earth, the ashes
Röd blir sol över rykande städer = Red becomes the sun across smoking cities
Tvåhövdad kalv föder tvenne allvar = Two-headed cattle feeding two earnest
Ädel den som kan elda med sten = Precious as the fire with rock
Oxens hud må oket hålla = Ox skin may hold the yoke
Två vill lämna en tvetungad lära = Two wish to leave a two-faced teaching
Grytans skalle ska skölden gilja = The kettle skull shall shield woo
Ord håller en ornes heder = The Word of keeps an honorable Ornes
Spjutets nos vädrar nya släkten = The spear muzzle scents the new generations
Farsegels vaknar en forntida väktare = Far sail awakens an ancient watchman
Fördömd den kallhand som följer på krigsskepp = Accursed the cold hand which follows warships
Örlog vinner den öronlös vandlar = Örlog wins the earless converts
Vass tand väljer den vilsne = Sharp teeth chooses the disorientated
Gömda blir offer och dömda till ofärd = Buried becomes the victim and condemned to misfortune
Grönlagda nejder grannar nöjer = Green Placed climes neighbors content
Älskog vill stamma ur eldens spya = Love making wants to to originate of the fire vomit
Tvenne klövar i gyttjan men järnet klyver tjudret = Two hooves in the mud, but the iron cleaves the tether
Sakta låtes den sorgsnes åder = Gently is allowed own sorrow is reached the vein
Gott blir grymt där guld uppgräves = Ample will be cruel where gold is dug up
Tand vill tiga för timmarnas iglar = The tooth wants to remain silent for hours of leeches
Ett såg jag: en saktmodets fågel = One I saw: a bird saktmodets
Bördor ska hopas där berget häves = Burdens should be piled up where the rock is is revoked
Gånge den väl, den gyttjan väljer = Time going the well, the muck chooses
Enskodde vandraren vaknar till odöd = The hooves of the walker wakes up undead
Spelande tungan mot skyarna tornar = Playing the tongue towards the heavens looms
Sten på ställe må ena en stad = Stone on the site feel one a city
Fiskens fjäll ska älven färga = Fish scale shall the river stain
Röd spirar, sprider dödens ord = Red sprouts, spread the the words of death
Den gyllene glänser, vill välta sin herre = Golden sparkles, wants to overturn his master
Bankat brons döljer sanning, samlar lögner = Beaten bronze hides the truth, gathers lies
Trädet förråder sin frukt, äter sitt frö = The tree betrays its fruit, eat its seed
Ur djupet stiger odjuret upp = Out of the deep rises up the beast
Jungfrun smider, smeden blöder = Virgin forge, blacksmith bleeds
Där fältherren somnar vaknar stålet = Where the warlord falls asleep awakens the steel
Skum under himlen, river, driver skuggan = Foam in the sky, the river, pushing shadows
Eländet tynger, vakar ynkligt vid graven = Wretchedness burdens, watching pitifully at the tomb
Enögat vakar vid runans slut = Enogat watches over the rune final
Väcker hoppet upp, stjäl hjärtat = Arousing the hope up, steal the heart
Bränner sin kärlek, släcker sitt hat = Burn their love, their hate extinguishes
I ormens spår, tidlöst slingrande = The snake's trail, timeless winding
Med brand i sin skugga och blod i sitt spår = With fire in his shadow, and blood in his tracks
Rider med stormen över havet, under trädet = Ride with the storm over the ocean, beneath the tree
Krossar vänner, kysser främling = Crushes friends, kisses strangers
Sprider död där brödet tvinar = Spreading death where the bread fadeth
Rött ryker röset, vandraren vaknar = Of red smoke cairn, the walker awakens
I stämman av silver ser ögat sin öppning = In meeting with silver the eye sees its opening
Av salt och av siden tar berget tribut = Of salt and silk will take the mountain tribute
Av vatten och vädjan byggs världen på nytt = By water and plea are built the world anew
Skölden skimrar, sorgen skyler sanningen = The shield shimmers, sorrow veils the truth
Hämnaren använder trubbiga knivar = The Avenger uses blunted knives
Farorna hotar vid hemlandets stränder = Hazards threaten the homeland shores
Med speglar och spindelväv föds lögnen på nytt = With mirrors and cobwebs are born lies once again
Över stormens stoder kommer frälsaren och förgöraren = Across the storm pillars come savior and destroyer
Kristallen vaknar, krossar den vidsynte = The crystal awakens, crushes vidsynte
Hemmet blir främmande, kvicksilvret klämtar = Home will be foreign, mercury chimes
Saltet andas igen och svärmen återvänder = The salt breathe again, and the swarm returns
Där blodet är kallare än is skiner nyckeln klarast = Where the blood is colder than ice shines the brightest key
Riket skakar när sanningstiden randas = Empire shakes of truth the period after dawn
Vandraren stupar på templets tröskel = The Wanderer is killed at the temple's threshold
Grönskan dränks i blodets avgrund = Greenery is drowned in blood abyss
Främmande är envar som skådat sanningen = Alien is anyone who has seen the truth
Skeppen sjunker i gryningens grottor = The ships sink in the dawn's grottos
Flottan färdas mot falska mål = The fleet travels against the false targets
Ingen klinga kan isen bita = No blade can bite ice
Skärpan strävar mot stormens öga = The sharpness strives against the eye of the storm
Det vita ljuset, den frusna marken = The white light, the frozen ground
Befrielsen kommer stor och sval = Liberation comes great and cool
När landet blir vårt bedarrar stormen = Once the country becomes our will fade the storm
Flammorna gråter vid ismästarens härd = The flames weeping at ismästarens curable
Den ensamme vaknar till sjungande stål = The lonely awakens for the singing steel
Bortglömda borgar ger konungen andrum = Forgotten bourgeois provide king respite
Den minsta spindeln har skarpast bett = The smallest spider has the sharpest bite
Under sömnens tystnad smittas de trogna = During sleep the silence infected the faithful
Enkom den sörjande skymtar förbannelsen = Solely the grieving glimpses the curse
I trädgårdens gångar förirrar sig främlingen = In the garden paths wanders the stranger
Väggarna rämnar i urtidens återkomst = The walls of the split primeval return
Vänliga vindar ska månen förjaga = Friendly winds shall drive away the moon
En avhuggen hand stoppar sjukdomens spridning = The severed hand stops the spread of the disease
Kärlet vill fyllas med sjudande blod = The vessel wants to be filled with boiling blood
Stålet ska vittra och träet förglasas = The steel shall crumble and wood be vitrified
Aldrig mer hemland, aldrig mer hopp = No more homeland, not more hope
Trastarna ängslas, tänderna ärgas = Thrushes worry, teeth Argas
Tornet vacklar av urhornets klang = The tower wavers from urhornets sound
Djupens furste vet stjärnornas väg = The deep ruler know the path of the stars
Slaven blir härskare, ödlan blir vis = The slave becomes the ruler, the lizard will become wise
Tjurens anlete skrämmer inkräktarna på flykt = The bull's visage scares the invaders to flee
Hornets dagar randas i dimmor och damm = The Hornets day is dawning in the mists and dusts
Irrgångar döljer den innersta porten = Labyrinths conceal the innermost gateway
Sjöar av blod skall släckas av harm = Lakes of blood must be extinguished by anger
Härtåg förirras av tuppens klagan = Military campaigns förirras by the rooster lament
Yxbladet avskiljer ätternas arv = Yxbladet separates ätternas inheritance
Vargen i vitt ställer världen på ända = The wolf in white sets the world on its head
Tusentals träd sjunger vävarens lov = Thousands of trees weaver sing praise
Milen blir alnar när fullmånen skymtas = The mile becomes yards when the full moon can be glimpsed
Sakta i lönndom föds fädernas spår = Slowly in secret are born fathers tracks
Sanslöst och svindlande öppnar sig vägen = Senseless and staggering opens the way
Spåret skall starta där virvlarna möts = The track must start where the eddies meet
Masken döljer frälsning och förtvivlan = The mask conceals salvation and despair
Förledd hör den döve sanningen = Beguiled the deaf hear the truth
Boken blir värld och världen bok = The book becomes the world and the world's book
I gryningens tid pekar hemåt alltid bort = In the dawn of time pointing homeward is always away
Salarnas lögner blir viddernas sanning = The seal's expanse of lies becomes the truth
Ormen skall vakna när tiden tar slut = The snake shall wake up when time runs out
Makten står svarslös när dottern förvandlas = Power stands speechless when the daughter transforms
Fotspår från fordom ger fäderna råd = Footprints from yore provide fathers counsel
Spådomens sista ord skrämmer den fete = Fortune Telling judgment final words frightens the obese
Hundarna härskar i gårdagens torn = The dogs reign in yesterday's tower
Vitt skiner fyren om fienden nalkas = White shines the lighthouse if enemies approach
Hjärtat brister snart om armen inte räddas = The heart defects soon if the arm is not saved
Fängslas ögat fängslas också drömmens flod = Imprisoned the eye imprisoned also dreams flood
Gryningen randas och pilen finner sitt mål = Daybreak is dawning and the arrow finds its target
Med klav och klockklang uppväcks maskinen på nytt = With clef and bells awakened the machine once again
Hugg huvudet av ormen om lammet skall leva = Hew the head of the serpent if the lamb are to live
Dimman stiger i skogen av sten = The mist rises in the forest of stone
Glaset gråter i den nya tidens dalar = The glass crying in the new age valley
Gula segel möter gamla synder = Yellow sail meets ancient sins
Svavel och syra täcker vidundrets hemland = The sulfuric acid and covers the monster's homeland
Musiken tystnar, saktmodets seger = The music stops, saktmodets victory
Västliga vindar, ödet i öster = Westerly winds, fate in the east
Rassel vid gränserna, riket går under = Clattering at the borders, the kingdom is under
Under bergen, under isen = In the mountains, beneath the ice
Sandstorm, sammet, svavel, sumpskog = Sandstorm, velvet, sulfur, swamp
Vilsen vandrar klingans krigsman = Lost wanders the blade soldier
En morgon, en afton: en värld föds på nytt = One morning, one evening: the world is reborn
Tuppen lämnar den rätta vägen = The rooster leaves the right path
Två kan lyckas där tre når slutet = Two will succeed where three reaches the end
Mandomens lagar ger ofärd till sjöss = Manhood laws provide misfortune at sea
Årstidens frukter skall bjuda visdom = Fruits of the season will invite wisdom
Den upplystes makt kuvas av spegeln = The enlightened power subjugated by the mirror
Mörkrets ljus bländar fångna röster = Dark light dazzles captive voices
Gyllene hinder ger kamp åt den saknade = Golden obstacles brings struggle to the missing
Bygdens stolthet anar sot vid horisonten = The district suspects the pride of soot on the horizon
Gulnat språk sår glöd bland hjältar = Yellowing language wounds glow among heroes
Sprickan i sömmen ger himlen sin krydda = The crack in the seam brings the heavens its spice
Skogsfolkens dimma gör gryningen blodröd = Forest Peoples mists makes the dawn blood red
Bärstolen vräks omkull av stormvinden = The sedan chair is evicted overturned by a storm
De sammansvurna stöds av den Röde = The conspirators are supported by the Red
En orm släpps in i buren av järn = A snake is released into the cage of iron
Gamla och fäder ska stiga ur dödsriket = Ancient and ancestors will rise from the grave
Hymner, sånger och bön hörs från ett slavfolk = Hymns, songs and prayer is heard from a slave people
Huvudlösa dårar hälsar med gudars hyllning = The headless fools welcomes gods tribute
Sot, svält, örnföda skådar dåren = Soot, famine, eagle food beholds the fool
Den karga jorden ska spricka av torka = The barren earth will crack from drought
Ledaren flyr, gömmer sig bland liken = The leader flees, hiding among the corpses
Vildsvin och varg möts på slagfältet = Wild boar and wolves meet on the battlefield
Örnen tumlar runt solen = The eagle tumbles around the Sun.
I nya staden ska tänkaren dömas = The new city will the thinker be judged
En stor blixt slår ned på dagen = A great lightning strikes down the day
Upphittaren ska dö med stungna ögon = The finder shall die with eyes stung
Fienden från havet står snart vid murarna = The enemy from the sea will soon be at the walls
Stora väldet flyttas till blygsam ort = Great Empire is moved to a modest place
Det unga ska besegra det gamla = The young people will defeat the old
I bur av guld ska hans ögon stickas ut = In the cage of gold, his eyes gouged out
Den högste stryps i sängen om natten = The chief strangled in bed at night
Gift och brev döljes i klädvecket = Poison and letters concealed in clothing fold
Vilddjur och skådespel släpps in på arenan = Wild animals and circuses are released into the stadium
Stor eld skall falla från himlen i tre nätter = Great fire will fall from the heavens for three nights
Med två huvuden och fyra talar den födde = Using two heads and four speaks the birth
Ett svin, till hälften man, visar sig = One pig, half man, turns
Det stora berget ska vältra ned = The great mountain shall pass down
En hög dams svar gör fursten bekymrad = A high lady's response makes the prince worried
För fulla segel kommer hjälp från havet = For all sails comes help from the sea
Damen hedras under fruktans tvång = The lady is honored under fear coercion
En syn kommer för fursten i hans drömmar = The vision come for the prince in his dreams
Väloljad tunga besegrar järn och eld = Well-oiled tongue defeats iron and fire
Länge ska en grå fågel ses på himlen = For a long time, a gray bird seen in the sky
En död i rånocken, en furste hängd = A Death in the yard-arm, a prince hanged
Furstinnan fångad av gift och dekret = The princess trapped by married and decrees
Ögon, öppna för syner, ska stängas = Eyes open to visions, should be close

Yes, as I've been going through and translating the rules, the setting has really started to grow on me, and I'm definitely keen to translate that as well. Now that I've finished the first pass through the rules section of the book, I'm going to translate the introduction, organisations, gods/planes and monsters sections at least. Depending on how easy that is to manage I'll go back and maybe do the geography sections as well.

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