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Dear awesome Symba community,

Mattias Johnsson Haake here, looking for your input. Symbar - Mother of Darkness will feature new and/or expanded lists of the three types of treasure introduced in Adventure Pack 1 (Treasure Hunts in Davokar): Curiosities, Mystical Treasure and Artifacts. So, why not open up for contributions from you guys!?

If you have designed some such treasure I would love to see it - maybe it will be included in Symbar - MoD (with some edits), and if not you will still have helped inspire your fellow forum-mates! You are welcome to add how many items you want, but make sure to include them in one singe post per person.

Of course, we reserve the right to edit any text that is introduced in the official publication. Also, please phrase your suggestions as in the examples below, and if you want a special credit in the book be sure to include your name in the post. :-)

SVENSKA: Självklart tar vi gladeligen del av bidrag skrivna på svenska i denna tråd. Du väljer!

Curiosity: Heavy battle-glove of gold, evidently made for a person with only four fingers on the right hand

Mystical Treasure: Statuette of bright blue lapis lazuli, shaped like an elf with huge elk antlers. It seems to vibrate softly when abominations are about (giving a second chance to detect a lurking abomination using Vigilant).

Artifact: Vesper’s Soaring Cloak
Who has not heard the tales of the sect of assassins called the Flying Foxes, said to have been active during Symbaroum’s glory days? Supposedly, they were a group of rebels led by the charismatic fencing-master Vesper, and in the legends they often appear as heroic punishers of Symbarian nobles with dirt on their hands. Usually, they attacked at night, using their soaring cloaks to gain access through balconies or roofs.

Soft landing: He who has bound himself to the Soaring Cloak can glide through the air and make soft landings even if having jumped from high altitudes, just like one of Davokar’s Flying Foxes.
Action: Movement
Corruption: 1D4

Wind-Rider: If the master of the Soaring Cloak has the ability Acrobatics, he or she can make a roll against Quick. If successful, the wearer can rise 30 feet above ground and then glide back down in the direction of his or her choice.
Action: Active
Corruption: 1D6
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The first two artifacts invented for my first homemade adventures.

Artifact: The Lance of Progo
Scholars and loremasters are divided on the real existence of this artefact and its origin. It would have been forged by the elves and offered to a human knight by the name of Progo. Others say it would come from the First Human Empire. Knight Progo would have died in the Titans fighting the last stone giant. The spear would always be there.
The spear can be used in melee or throwing. His damage is respectively 1D8 or 1D6 and has the following Qualities: Long, Precise, Blood-Letting.
It is possible to bind to this artifact by spending one (1) XP or Permanent Corruption, which gives access to the following powers:

Return: If the master of the artifact has the Ability Steel Throw, the Spear automatically returns to his hand.
Action: Free
Corruption: 1

Unmissable:If the master of the artifact has the ability Steel Throw, the spear will get a second attack upon return. The master of the artifact must perform an attack test for each of the two attacks. For each, he launches 2D20 and chooses the best.
Action: Active
Corruption: 1D4

Fateful: If the master of the artifact has the ability Steel Throw or Polearm Mastery, he can activate this power at the beginning of his turn.
Each attack will deal 1D8 additional damage, which ignores the armor. In return, the master of the artifact receives 1D4 points of Temporary Corruption each time.
The master can put an end to this Power at the beginning of the next round of combat.
Action: Free
Corruption: 1D4 by Attack

Artefact: Macabre Shadows Mask
No one knows where this mask comes from, nor who could have design it. The legend claims that it was worn by one of the Dark Lords, killed during the attack to free the Queen Korinthia.
Wanted by Ordo Magica, as well that by the Church of Prios, this mask would have passed between many hands, before the mystics and scholars at his research lose its trace.

The mask contains a powerful demon, which seems to feed memories of the deads. Insatiable, he pushes his carrier to sacrifice a new victim every [age of the previous victim] weeks.

When not linked to a carrier, the mask appears as carved in a black and iridescent obsidian rock of purple veins. There is no other marks or writings. It is impossible to date the object.

By binding to the mask, the wearer recovers all the memory of the former porter. The Mask looks like the wearer's face, then seems to melt with him, as if the two faces identical
(that of the mask and that of the wearer) were superimposed on the perfection.

The Macabre Shadow Mask gives to its bearer automatically, the boon Shadow Spawn (II) advantage and the burdens Blood Thirst and Nightmares.

To bind to the Mask cost one (1) point of permanent Corruption.

Macabre Kiss: This power makes it possible to take the appearance of a dead person, provided the bearer gave him death. At the time of death, the wearer must remove his mask (which reveals the raw flesh under his skin) and to wear it on the face of the victim. By passing a Test of Resolute, the wearer has access to all the memories of the death.
Action: Special
Corruption: 1D8

Macabre Round: This power allows the wearer to change his appearance, to borrow those of the victims of the Kiss Macabre. The bearer covers the overall appearance of the victim, since
his eyes and his face to his corpulence, his attitudes, his tics, his manias, his voice.The master of the artefact must use again the power Macabre Round to take back his real appearance or that of another victim of the Macabre Kiss
Action: Active
Corruption: 1D4

Macabre Memory: This power works, like the Adept level of the abilityWisdom of the ages. It allows the master of the mask, for the duration of a scene and passing a Resolute Test,to know a ability at the Novice level.This power can also be used to know the memories and shadow's form and color of the victims of the mask.
Action: Active
Corruption: 1D6
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I contemplated these ideas while not paying attention in my courses haha. I am sorry I did not focus on "flavor" text, did not have the time. I just wanted to give ideas that can be developed more. 
Credit name: Tor Tor The Destroyer 
1.      Pole of entangling vines- A pole which has vines carved into its entire  body and at the bottom the staff appears to have roots.
o  1d4 corruption to use entangling vines at novice and 1d6 at adept

2.      Grafting twig- a twig that looks long dead but has intricate carvings along its stem. The twig’s branches also appear to look like the horns of a stag.
o   When grafted (stuck into the bark of a tree or plant) This will allow the plant that the twig was grafted into to grow as if the ritual quick growth was used on it. The effect only lasts as long as the twig is grafted
Action: Active
Corruption: 1d4

3.      A fang the size of a dagger and has runes carved into it.
o  When bonded with it will produce weak poison for 1d4 corruption, and 1d6 or medium and 1d8 for strong  

4.      Flask of miasma- small brown flask with purple veins running throughout the flask.
o  Cleanse: the flask will remove poison from the user’s body
Action: Active
Corruption: 1
o  Poison of the flask: Opening the flask will release a cloud of miasma and infect all those around it with a weak poison or a stronger poison if a stronger poison was absorbed during this scene.
Action: Active
Corruption: 1d4

5.      Thorn gloves-Gloves that are green in color and look as if they are made of living thorns. If started at long enough it appear as if it is moving
o  Passive the thorns give a +1 to any maneuver that involves holding an enemy, like wrestling or pinning an enemy
o  Thorns: to activate when an enemy is in your grips you can activate the gloves making the thorns grow in size and pierce the armor of the held enemy. The thorns will stay within the enemy and continue to grow as long as the enemy is held in place. Each turn the thorns deal 1d4 damage ignoring armor.
Action: Active
Corruption: 1d4
o  Roots: Instead of thorns growing from the gloves, roots may grow. These roots will sap energy from the enemy and heal the user. The roots are shallow and can only be used once per turn and dissipate after each turn, i.e the effect does not persist like the thorns, causing 1d6 of damage ignoring armor the damage dice also heals the user for the same amount.
Action: Active
Corruption: 1d6

6.      Candle-A black candle with a white wick. Staring at this candle for long will make the light all around it seem to disappear.
o  Capture: absorb all the surrounding light sources and light in a room, hall, cave, or small campsite. Thus causing total blackness in the area.  Can release all the light back to their respected places (relights torches, fires, and candles) as a free action.
Action: Active
Corruption: 1d4
o  Release: once the candle has absorbed the light  during the scene it can then release that energy of fire as a master level brimstone cascade or adept level flame wall.
Action: Active
Corruption: 1d4

1.      A gold platter with images of people carved into it. One image looks like prios and everyone is dinning together
2.      An arrow quiver with a basin for liquid at the bottom.
3.      Black chalk that smells of pitch. Can be used to draw on stone or wood and the trail drawn can be used as a fuse
4.      An ornate candle with gold and silver inlayed into its grooves. Has images of jewelry on it.
5.      Tools which resemble tools that are used for farming but made of precious metals
6.      A set of two fine golden chalices and an even more ornate decanter. One of the chalices has a small hole that goes from the bottom of its basin down to is bottom. Effectively this chalice can not hold a liquid for long.
7.      A necklace made of human bones but connected with golden chain, made for a larger being, a troll or ogre.
8.      A small basket woven out of vines, it still has green leaves on it as if it is still alive.
9.      A collection of bracelets that are made of golden teeth
10.  A large helmet with two holes at the top as if for horns.

Mystical treasures-
1.      A note book in which a person can only read what he has written in it. Example there are 20 pages written by Bob and only bob can read those 20 pages, if Sarah comes into possession of the book she can not read bob’s pages but she can read what she adds to it.
2.      A crystal which glows when pointed north. (Giving +1 to navigations.)
3.      Wolf pelt with white tips of on of fur and on inside of pelt red glyphs. (Provides extra protection from cold and cold attacks 1d6 counts as light armor )
4.      A small black bell on a necklace chain. It only rings in the presence of an abomination. (Gives a bonus to the detection of and detection by abominations.)
5.       A small golden cauldron big enough to make one potion at a time. If x amount of thaler is added to it while brewing it will make the potion made one level higher.
6.      Two stones strung together. Will always produce a spark or small flame when struck together
7.      A small rusted key that can lock any door. Can not unlock any lock.
8.      A small needle with a ruby at its head that when used to bind two pieces of fabric will weave them in such a way that they are a seamless piece of fabric
9.      A gourd that has been turned into a jug to contain water. It will pour an endless amount of water while in the hands of a mystic.
10.  A small ember that never loses its heat.
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Sorry that the format of this Artifact differs slightly from the normal one. It’s also in swedish, which I hope is fine.

Lekarens pipa
Förtrollad liten flöjt, med sex hål (mycket ovanligt).
Gjord av ben med snirkliga mönster ingraverade.

Denna typen av flöjt har dykt upp en handfull gånger i Ambria. Det är oklart om det rör sig om en och samma flöjt eller flera flöjter av samma typ.

Senast någon spelade på en sexhålig flöjt var i Tista Fäste, på värdshuset Den Huvudlösa Hästen. Det slutade med att fyra värdshusbesökare dansade ihjäl sig medans ynglingen som spelade blev allt blekare och svagare. När till sist en av ölskänkorna lyckades slita flöjten ifrån honom föll även han död till golvet. Både ölskänkan och flöjten försvann samma natt.

När någon spelar på flöjten måste alla inom medellångt avstånd (ca 20 meter) klara ett slag mot Viljestark -5 eller börja dansa okontrollerat. Detta görs varje runda som flöjten hörs.

När man dansar under flöjtens påverkan kan man kommunicera som vanligt om än något ansträngt. Inga fysiska handlingar som inte är dans är tillåtna förutom självförsvar som då har en andra chans att misslyckas. Alla attacker mot en dansande sker med övertag. Man kan inte välja riktning på sin dans (den slumpas eller bestäms av SL) och ens förflyttning räknas som halv. Var tredje oavbruten runda man dansar så förlorar man en Tålighet.

För varje runda man spelar på flöjten tar man 1 temporär korruption.

Den som spelar på flöjten måste lyckas med ett Viljestark för att förmå sig att sluta spela. Varje misslyckat försök att sluta gör 1 i skada på spelarens Viljestark.

Om någon försöker slita flöjten ifrån den spelande måste denne lyckas med Stark mot Stark, flöjtspelaren kämpar automatiskt emot. Den som får flöjten sliten ifrån sig under spelandet drabbas av 1T4 temporär korruption och 1T4 i skada på Viljestark.
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I want to remind you of the 100-entry table of curiosities (fyndtabell) that was cerated as a collaborative effort on a few years ago. Our gaming group made it into a nicer PDF. It can be found here: ... p=drivesdk
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Magiskt mästersmitt runsvärd av svart trolljärn (Djupverkande, Precist).
  • Dödlös - Livsenergierna från de som svärdet har dräpt ekar ännu genom klingan. Innan du slår ett dödsslag kan du välja att ta ett (1) permanent korruption för att automatiskt få resultatet 1 på dödsslaget. Kräver att du håller i svärdet eller hinner greppa det när du ska slå.
  • Svart helning - Varje gång du dräper en levande (ej vandöd) kulturvarelse (människa, alv, troll, svartalf, dvärg) med svärdet, kan du suga i dig den dödes livskraft och hela dig själv med 1T8 Tålighet. Du tar lika många poäng tillfällig korruption som du slagit för helning.