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Crusader Kings the Board Game FAQ

Wed 24 Jul 2019, 18:24

I have uploaded a Crusader Kings FAQ, answered by Tomas Härenstam (lead designer for the game). The questions has been found on this forum and on other social platforms as well. The FAQ can be found here:

Crusader Kings the Board Game FAQ

edit (October 16). This FAQ was done for Rulebook 1.0. There is a new rulebook and errata available for download here.

June 30 FAQ (v1) uploaded (now removed).
July 7 updated FAQ (v2) uploaded (now removed).
July 24 updated FAQ (v3) uploaded. (now removed).
July 26 FAQ (v3) uploaded. (only some minor wording corrections due to me screwing up and didn't see that Tomas had made some additional clarifications in the document that he approved to one of the questions. Regardless, it is now fixed.)
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Re: Crusader Kings the Board Game FAQ

Thu 25 Jul 2019, 10:39

Thanks for all of your hard work in compiling and maintaining the FAQ, Fenhorn! I'm sure it's appreciated by all of us who play the game.