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Sat 14 Jul 2018, 16:59

I know it's early, but I'm looking forward to spinoffs and expansions.

Would love a standalone CK board game set in Scandinavia where you played as Norse kings and went on viking raids instead of on cruades :) .
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Re: Expansions

Mon 16 Jul 2018, 07:35


That's certainly not far from what we're planning. :)
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Re: Expansions

Thu 18 Apr 2019, 22:55

A nice DLC perhaps
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Re: Expansions

Fri 10 May 2019, 22:23

Im not opposed to stand alone "expansions" set in different regions but its not really expansions if so, but rather entirely new games or versions of the game.

I would love to see real expansions to the game down the line though. Something inspired by FFG would be great with small expansions that add new cards to the decks and maybe a new game mechanic or two, as well as big box expansions that expand the map and add more dynasties and scenarios!

Considering the basis for this game, the possibilities are endless! 
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Re: Expansions

Fri 26 Jul 2019, 09:15

I second the need for actually new rules and not just reskins when it comes to expansions. I think we all want Byzantium and Muslims added to the game. Do you plan on adding such content?