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Roll20 macros (with houserules)

Posted: Sun 26 Sep 2021, 21:31
by JohanR
If anyone plays or wants to play Forbidden Lands on Roll20, I have uploaded some macros and tables that I use, for inspiration to you all:
Here:!ArQCBq2tG7xai2ZHXTY ... S?e=KcBJ42
I have attached an image example of each macro result.

Do note: That these macros use the Reforged Power ruleset, but even if you do not use those you can probably find some macros of use, or change or be inspired by others to fill your needs.
I have noted in each macro description if it uses Reforged Power rules or not.
All these macros can be used even if you are using roll20 with a free account.

Also note that they are all fan made and not in any way associated with "Fria Ligan AB".
I did get an okay to post them (because they are awesome), but I will remove any content if they ask me to.

These are also all highly beta! It is more than likely that I have entered errors when copy pasting these back and forth. So please do post any errors you find in macros and tables. If you have any ideas for new macros to add, please post those as well (or pm me, here or on reddit or something)! Also note that I am completely new to roll20, I just started a couple of weeks ago and have only played one session there, so there are likely room for improvements.