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Grimoire-in-combat questions

Posted: Wed 01 Sep 2021, 02:56
by Riffraff
1) Readying a grimoire requires a fast action. Does this need to be done every time you cast a spell? (With the action symbolizing reading the spell off the page.) Or does the action symbolize flipping to the correct page of your grimoire, so that you don't need to take the ready action the next time you cast the same spell?

2) How many hands does a grimoire require? Can you cast spells with your grimoire in one hand and a weapon or shield in the other hand?

Re: Grimoire-in-combat questions

Posted: Wed 01 Sep 2021, 03:37
by Konungr
1) It doesn't say specifically what the fast action represents. It simply says you need to do it every time you cast a spell with a grimoire. So flipping pages, reading it, whatever... it takes a Fast Action.

2) It's not a weapon so it doesn't specify number of hands. As a GM I would always assume at least 1. Depends on the size of the book I guess. How many spells do you have in there again? Well I guess it takes 2 now. Or better have it on a pedestal/lectern.