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West Marches Campaign using FL

Tue 02 Mar 2021, 11:19


I'm planning to run a West Marches style campaign soon and I'm still on the fence about what system I should choose. I'd really like to run it with Forbidden Lands, but I fear that the system may not be ideal for this kind of games. I've never run the game before but I read through the rules, and some possible issues came to mind:

  • Creatures: Is there enough creatures to run an extended West Marches campaign ? I have the Trilemma Adventures books but is there enough monster diversity out of the box ?
  • Player Progression:Is the progression fast ? Are the players becoming too powerful too fast ?
  • Is it possible to run this kind of campaign in the basic setting ? Is it possible to have multiple groups running around, mixing together and possibly doing the Raven's Purge campaign ?

Ultimately, I'm hesitating between using Forbidden Lands and using Old School Essentials, but I wanted to try FL for a while and I'm wondering if it's not better to stick with OSE for this.

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