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HomeBREW: Beer Crafting Rules

Sun 28 Feb 2021, 20:15

One member of my party, a peddler of extreme capitalistic inclinations, has decided to kick it with Yawim and go into business with him, in an attempt to use his fantastic brew to establish robust trade-routes throughout the Forbidden Lands, now that the Blood Mist has lifted.

So I made some rules for making beer/alcoholic products:

Brewer Talent
Rank 1: Can distill or ferment alcohol from grain with a successful CRAFTING roll.
Rank 2: No CRAFTING roll is needed to succeed.
Rank 3: Your brew is so delicious that whoever drinks it immediately recovers a point of lost Empathy.(Yawim has Rank 3)

Trade Goods
1 unit Brew; 6 copper; Supply, Common; Weight, tiny; raw materials, 1 Flour (milled grain); time, 1 day; Talen, Brewer; Tools, Brewery.

Barrel: 8 copper, same is in RAW, except it holds 34 units of liquid, allowing each barrel to hold ~ 100 servings. This is more realistic for a barrel of beer. It brings the total value of a barrel to ~2 gold. It would be common practice to sell a barrel to an Inn or Tavern at 1 gold each, bringing a hefty profit to both seller and tavernkeeper.

Brewery Stronghold Function
REQUIREMENT: Builder talent
PRICE: 780c
RAW MATERIALS: 200 stone, 40 Wood
TIME: 1 week
TOOLS: Sledgehammer, Saw
EFFECT: Each FULL DAY the brewery is staffed with a PC or NPC with the BREWER talent, or by a Brewer hireling, up to 12 units of flour can be converted into 12 units of BREW. These may be stored indefinitely in barrels, each holding up to 34 units.This means the brewery has a capacity to brew ~15 barrels/month.

Brewer Hireling
Staffs the Brewery
SALARY: 8 copper
SUPPLY: common
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Re: HomeBREW: Beer Crafting Rules

Fri 02 Apr 2021, 17:16

fantastic brew ...
So I made some rules ....
I like em. I think they have good potential for fun. I'd like wine to be mentioned specifically, but it's mostly self-evident raw materials: grapes in place of flour.

I think the brewer talent could use some work-shopping though; There is something to be said for both being fully in line with the 'Chef' talent; using a straight 1d6 for the craft roll, make booze out of anything sweet: grapes, berries, tubers etc, essentially anything you could find with a foraging roll.
If using the craft skill, a burly stronk moron would be more likely to have success at brewing then a nerdy alchemist, and without any volume parameters any extra successes from having a high craft skill fall a bit flat.

On the other hand hand, food supply != water supply; you can already find food and infinite water with good survival(wits) rolls, tacking on brewing to that is redundant.

Perhaps if the raw materials includes water, you could flip the talent tiers upside down; with a supply of both water and flour, you can make a (small amount of, 1 unit maybe) drink that restores empathy(doubt damage). At rank 2 you can make it out of any vegetables found while foraging or get that 1d6 amount in 1 go. At rank 3 you can make booze without direct water supplies out of anything in huge amounts.

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