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Does the map have roads?

Wed 03 Feb 2021, 15:30

In our last online session, I had the map zoomed in and noticed some thin, white lines stretching out from village to village. Here's a sample image:
Could someone interpret them as roads or paths? What's more interesting, some of them even cross rivers, indicating the existence of bridges.
And if these are indeed roads, there's no way to get the Lost mishap (from Leading the Way Mishaps). Of course, it could be explained that these are poorly-maintained paths that have almost disappeared in various places, making any efforts to track them difficult and worthy of a pathfinding roll. I must admit, however, I was intrigued that discernible pathways were included in the map.
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Re: Does the map have roads?

Fri 05 Feb 2021, 14:35

On one of the earliest map sketches, there actually were ancient dwarven ”highways” here and there in Ravenland, these having been summoned in solid stone by stone singers a long time ago. The roads were cracked and in bad shape, but usable at some stretches. They didn't make it to the final version though, probably in the interest of not cluttering things up, but one of them was actually pretty much placed where you found this one, so it might have survived as a shadow ;-)
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Re: Does the map have roads?

Fri 05 Feb 2021, 15:49

I found those roads as well and I'm pretty sure there are mentions about those ancient dwarven roads in the GM guide somewhere. The road seems to continue south of Laak Varda as well. I've described those ancient roads when my PCs traveled those parts of the map and also gave them +1 on their "Leading the way" if they said they tried to follow the roads. Now, when my players finally have acquired a stronghold, they've begun talking about restoring those roads in order to get merchants and travelers pass through their stronghold and maybe be able to collect some tax out of them asa result. I'll certainly allow for that to happen. There might be a few minor things to take care of before the road is finished though. I literally got at least four adventure hooks just writing that sentence down...

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