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Sense magic on Scrying

Posted: Mon 31 Aug 2020, 19:29
by WanaxOdysseus
Person A is doing a Path of Awarness Scrying on Person B at Distant range. Could Person B use Sense Magic to detect that, seeing as the effect occurs close, even though the spell caster is beyond SHORT range?

How would you rule on this? I feel like Farsight can be very powerful if it can be used to spy on remote locations (not even the same hex) and the people being spied on can't detect it?

What's your opinion on this?

Re: Sense magic on Scrying

Posted: Mon 31 Aug 2020, 22:16
by terriblyinept
I'd personally rule that Sense Magic is not (generally) going to be useful here for detecting Farsight if the Sense Magic user is in the location being viewed, regardless of the range. Farsight's "visions are often fragmented and cryptic" as interpreted by the GM, so it's not necessarily that powerful, depending on what they witness.

That said, whatever you decide, just make sure you stay consistent with it in your game. :D

Of course, Sense Magic automatically allows a druid or sorcerer to detect the magic if they're within Short range of the caster using it, but that's not going to be helpful against Farsight in most circumstances (unless the caster gets caught at the peephole, so-to-speak).