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Re: Making journey/camping dangerous

Sun 12 Jul 2020, 04:45

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Re: Making journey/camping dangerous

Sun 12 Jul 2020, 23:12

I would humbly like to add that if you try to play an OSR-style game (which FBL claims to be) „by-the-book“ and RAW, you‘re already on a strange path. „Rulings“ always beat „rules“ in OSR. Much of the things that have been written are open for interpretation, in particular if you read the FBL rules the same way you read the FBL setting info.

I would always look at the region they are in and the population there, how their relation is to these folks and the reputation of the party in general as well as the equipment they carry in particular (juicy artifacts, ripe for the taking). Use all that info and decide how the creatures in the region would react to camping adventurers. A natural, breathing world beats generic regulations every day imho...

Players are also not supposed to be able to „expect“ anything but what would be an organic reaction of the world. At least my players are not entitled to expect that everything happens according to RAW.

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