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True Sight vs Farsight

Wed 08 Jul 2020, 00:02

The Druid Awareness Path spell True Sight is a Rank 1 spell that only lasts a round, but works out up to DISTANT range.

The Rank 2 spell in the same path, Far Sight, lasts longer (15 minutes) but at power level 1 only works out up to LONG range. But LONG range is only about 100 meters or so...hardly seems in line with the description of the spell :
"You can let your inner eye wander across vast distances, over oceans and land, mountains, and valleys, and see what is happening there right now. FARSIGHT does not help you find a place – you must know where it is located to be able to see it."
Any chance this was a typo and Farsight was meant to start at DISTANT?
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Re: True Sight vs Farsight

Wed 08 Jul 2020, 00:36

True Sight lets you see (for a short moment) details at distant range, in darkness, smoke, fog disguise, shapeshift. You must have a line of sight to what you want to look at.

Far Sight lets you see an area in your head ("inner eye") as if you where there. How far depend on Power Level, but can be anywhere on the map with PL3. This inner vision is often fragmented and cryptic.

This is two different types of spell. One lets you actually look at something, like you where watching with a very high tech binoculars, the other lets you get a vision similar to what a crystal ball does.
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