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Roll "generator" for Sebedius

Wed 13 May 2020, 16:45

Hi, due to current situation I've been forced to run my games online instead of at my table. Tried to get in to roll20 and similar software but didn't really see the need for it. Instead we're rolling dice like never before over Discord with the help of @Stefouch excellent bot Sebedius.

So I made an excel document to help me handle dice rolls for my NPCs and possibly for my players too.


  • Just add the numbers you need (it can handle negative numbers too) in column C:G:
  • Abilities: Abilities have two values, the left (C) is "static" and the right (D) is the current value and used in the output calculation.
  • Skills: nothing of note, just add your skill level
  • Talents: First cell (E) is for a talent that adds D6s to your skills, the second cell (F) is in case you have a Talent Rank 3 which can give you an additional D8 to some rolls. This cell can also be used for an artifact die. Due to current functionality of the bot, only one bonus die can be rolled.
  • Gear: Add gear dice relevant to your skill rolls
  • Copy the output and paste in your discord chat.

Each skill has an additional row--sometimes you have special circumstances or talents that allow you a niche use of your skill with special modifiers. I've added examples for Melee (Parry) and Move (Dodge). Just name the skill in column B, add the relevant dice and the output will appear as if by magic.

Two sheets exist for swedish and english, and if you've changed the sebedius syntax to make rolls you can change it at the bottom of the sheet.

Maybe someone else who rely on Discord and Sebedius will find this useful.

Note: haven't tried it in a game yet but will probably make a smaller version with only relevant skills for monsters and NPCs ;) ... sp=sharing

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