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Pushing Group Rolls Rules Clarification!!!

Sun 10 May 2020, 18:42

When you push yourself hard, there is a risk that you will suffer damage or exhaustion, or that your weapon will be destroyed. After you have pushed your roll, look at all the dice on the table. In the first roll, l had no effect, but when you push they become active. It doesn’t matter if the l came up in the first roll or the second.
For every l you have rolled on a Base Die when you push, you suffer one point of damage to the attribute you have used (read more about damage in Chapter 5).
For every l you have rolled on a Weapon Die when you push, your weapon’s bonus is decreased by one (read more about that below).

From Group Rolls
When you face a challenge with your fellow adventurers, you don’t roll dice separately. Instead, you choose who among you is best suited to take on this challenge. The others may help her (see below) if it’s relevant to the situation. If the roll fails, it counts as a failure for all of you – you are not allowed to try one time each.

Does this mean the person assisting also takes the push damage or only the person being assisted?
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Re: Pushing Group Rolls Rules Clarification!!!

Sun 10 May 2020, 19:52

All skill rolls have (or should have) a consequence if it fails, this consequence is what happen to everyone. A group stealth roll that fails for example means that everyone is detected. Only the one actually rolling the dice will face the effect of the dice (pushing and roll 1:s and getting "power" points, etc.), if any.
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