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The Hollows...Cohen Brother's Style

Thu 07 May 2020, 12:07

Spoilers for The Hollows ahead!

So, session two of my FL game. Mrs. Pollmor puts the pressure on the players, demanding they burn the boats 'tonight' or she'll get someone else. This scuppers their 'triple cross plans' but they instead reveal all to Yawim.

Yawim counteroffers with an assassination job, to get rid of the old woman. Taking their 'Raiders and Rogues' to heart, the players decide to do it.

The necromancer and the goblin sneak into her house, and the goblin sneaks right up behind her. As he goes to stab her in the back, he slips on a chicken bone and smashes his face into her chair, knocking himself unconscious! (Broke himself on his attack roll).

She stands up, screams. The half-elf rushes into the room and stabs her, knocking her out but not with a fatal wound.

Hearing the cries from inside, the warrior in the party attempts to sneak into the house(but fails).

The innocent Delia comes running at the scream, just in time to see the necromancer screw up his courage and kill the old woman. She screams.

The warrior comes up behind her and, rather than knocking her out, slashes her across the face Breaking her.

"She's seen your face," the warrior tells the necromancer and he grimly kills the girl (much to the GM's surprise).

At the point the Warrior notices the Ghost Alma was playing outside, too loud for people to hear the screams he guessed, perhaps helping them since their bard had entertained the ghost the previous night.

A quick search of the old ladies place and then a fire later, they 'sneak' out of the house, the warrior carrying the goblin out. They were seen but the town was too busy trying to put the fire out to stop them.

The half-elf made it back to Yawim who suggested he hide out in the Mill till things blow over. While the warrior hid in the graveyard and had a run in with the gravedigger ghost, but luckily avoided any conflict.

The next morning the party made it back to the mill and hid out all day. Yawim had some food sent over. The Rust Brother is looking for them for questioning as they debate their next move. That night was the full moon so the goblin snuck out to the ruined temple and saw the moonlight illuminate the grave site and was promptly attacked by two zombies. Luckily he kept retreating until the undead stopped following and made it back to hide with the rest of the crew.
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Re: The Hollows...Cohen Brother's Style

Sat 09 May 2020, 18:04

Absolutely fantastic! I loved it!

My players decided to take bother offers, but then told Yawin about the deal and agreed to "steal" the boat by taking it downriver and promote some trade, and then send it back covertly. I think I should have pressed them for murder and fire instead...

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