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Crazy deadly fighting combo....

Wed 12 Feb 2020, 22:30

Axe fighter
RANK 2: When you hit an enemy with
your axe and inflict at least one point
of damage, you automatically inflict a
critical injury (slash wound). The critical
injury itself doesn’t break your opponent
– unless it kills them of course. No effect
against monsters or animals.

You know where to strike to make sure your
opponent falls and does not get up again. Ever.
✥✥ RANK 1: When you inflict a critical injury
on your opponent, you can reroll once.
The highest roll counts.
✥✥ RANK 2: As per rank 1, but you can also
reverse the D66 roll for the critical injury
– a roll of 16 becomes 61, for example.
✥✥ RANK 3: When you inflict a critical injury
on your enemy, you may choose freely
from the relevant list.


This combo seems extremely deady, good dont work on monsters. i think its abit op to be honest, ANy comments?
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Re: Crazy deadly fighting combo....

Wed 12 Feb 2020, 22:43

It is, against humanoids that is.

Normal "no-name" humanoids are not that hard to break in this game so against them it hardly do much. Against better humanoids it is useful, but they also have a much better chance to defend themselves and they also have talents (including those two or lucky). A character that have that combo will most likely earn a reputation for it and if any humanoids recognize him, then they will most likely have that combo in mind when they fight and use ranged combat, magic, disarm or shove against him. But other than that, it is good, it is expensive so its not only right that the character will shine every now and then because of it.
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Re: Crazy deadly fighting combo....

Thu 13 Feb 2020, 02:20

It’s questionable how useful murdering people is but if that’s your goal I guess this is a useful combo.
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Re: Crazy deadly fighting combo....

Sat 15 Feb 2020, 15:48

It's not really that strong. Ambidex 3 + Swordsman 3 is arguably the strongest combo in game, using dual longswords, allowing up to 3 attacks per turn with Path of the Blade 2 and attacking up to 6 (!) targets in one turn when fighting more than 2 enemies or at least 2 strong enemies due to Swordsman 2.

Executioner only works on humanoids and average strength of humanoid is 3, with few strongest ones having 5-6. A well build Fighter can have around 15-17 dice (including 1d8 dice) per attack with custom made swords. It's enough to mostly break "normal" humanoids in one hit. Also longswords allow for Stab attack which natrually inflicts -2 to parry to non-shield enemies and doesn not grant +2 to move to dodge attack. So defending vs someone with 15-17 dice pool on attack with stab is something really really hard.

The true enemy are monsters where executioner does nothing, hence it's better to have more attacks vs them. Longswords also have Parrying, which means you don't suffer -2 penalty to parry other attacks with them.

So it's fun combo, but not really great one. The further you are in game- the less useful it is.