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Rewriting Talents for combat with cards

Sun 09 Feb 2020, 10:48

Hello there,
I tried to rewrite the 2 talents usable only if you use combat with cards, as we will not at my table (I find it quite limited and anyway we are playing online, which makes it very complicated).
Please give a feedback if interested.
Path of the Enemy
You see through your opponent and anticipate his next move before it happens.
RANK 1 : if you spend a Willpower Point you can FEINT one opponent at Arm’s Length for free this round.
RANK 2 : same as Rank 1, but you can SHOVE or DISARM for free also.
RANK 3 : same as Rank 1, but FEINT can be applied to 2 humanoid opponents (both opponents acting on the lowest Initiative score), or 1 Monster.

Pain Resistant
You have learned to endure pain that would make others lose their minds.
RANK 1 : if your Strength or Agility is Broken, you can still tempt one last Slow Action before passing out, at -2 penalty.
RANK 2 : same as Rank 1, but works for Wits and Empathy also, and without penalty.
RANK 3 : Same as Rank 2, but you can tempt one Fast and one Slow Action before passing out.
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Re: Rewriting Talents for combat with cards

Wed 30 Dec 2020, 01:54

Hey, that's interesting.
I am thinking in terms of "spend a WP before your opponent makes an attack; you can decide whether to dodge/parry the attack after the roll has been made", which I don't know how powerful it can be. Maybe at rank 3? I also like Champion's Path of the Fate as a substitute, as in:
Rank 1: Spend a WP and gain a +1 to attack/parry against one opponent
Rank 2: Spend X amount of WP and reduce damage taken from a hit by that amount, after any armour rolls.

As for Pain Resistant, something could work akin to this:
Rank 1: Strength and Agility Broken, can use either a fast or a slow action before passing out.
Rank 2: Same as above, but also Wits and Empathy Broken.
Rank 3: Same as above, but can use both fast and slow (or two fast) actions.

Do we have any official news about those two talents?

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