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Path of the Blade weapon options

Mon 06 Jan 2020, 23:36

The book reads, “You practice with your weapon every day and know all its qualities, as if it were part of your own body.” - page 64 (Player’s Handbook).
Does this imply the PC can only use this Talent with one specified weapon?
Basically, how limiting is PATH OF THE BLADE regarding weapon options?
Does it apply to...
1) All melee weapons?
2) Any bladed weapon (Edged or Pointed)?
3) One type of melee weapon (Broadsword, Scimitar, Handaxe, etc)?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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Re: Path of the Blade weapon options

Tue 07 Jan 2020, 12:45

That's just flavour. You can use it with any melee weapon. You can of course decide it's a process to learn a new weapon if you think that would make for interesting play!

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