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About an artifact I made

Thu 12 Dec 2019, 19:29

Hello everyone, I'm on the last parts of my homemade campaign for my players. I made my own artifact and o would like before introduce it discuss about it to see if it could be great. So it's call the omnipotent eyes
Long time ago a powerful wizard made a pact with a demon, he wanted to see everyone and everything everywhere in the world, the demon accepted and told him he will return one day to take his payment. Some times after it the demon came back and ask for it's payment the wizard was the ruler of a great nation and told him that nobody can give him order, So the demon killed him took back the eyes and disappeared.
Nowadays the demons keep the eyes close to him

So this artifact let you see and then know everything whiting 3m around you
Once a day you can see what's happen everywhere for 15 mins
If you use the second ability you will suffer eye tiredness that mean you will have a -2 malus to all you scouting attack and defense dice

Tell me what you think about it

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