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Publishing Custom Supplement Books...

Fri 06 Dec 2019, 05:03

I do hope that the title catches the attention of the mods or the "big bosses." I wasn't sure where else to put this. But I know in the past that there has been talk about making this game system akin to Pathfinder and other more open source systems. Assuming that is the case...

I'm curious what exactly we can use and include and what we can't and more of the little details that way. The fact of the matter is, I've already created a custom world.

Custom lore. Custom map. Custom races: 15 playable races (some are slight modifications to the existing ones and others are entirely different). Another 5 or so non-playable. 20 new and/or modified monsters. An entirely redesigned magic system with Path of Healing, Shapeshifting, Death, and Mind for Druids and the Path of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning for the "Elementals." Small tweaks to some of the crit and mishap trees.

The actual world plays out pretty well. I've ran it with my own group and its cross compatible with the main system and world and content.

That said, I'm in the middle of prepping for a Kickstarter launch for a 170-page graphic novel that I'm in the process of finishing (the interior art is done but I'm hoping to get the funding to bring on a professional colorist and letter to help complete that aspect of things). All that said, I would love to tie-in a beta book of the RPG (as this custom version I've created is based on the world of the comic). I think it would be a fun stretch goal. If we hit our funding goals, we'd also do an official custom map for gameplay and release the custom world supplement based in the Forbidden Lands system.

The TLDR version of what's below: the overlap shouldn't be much different than the content in the free Quickstarter guide. A mixture of the original and modified and/or new Professions, Kins, Kin talents, Magic as far as the Player's Handbook goes. A completely new History & Lore, new Calendars, a mixture of modified and/or new Bestiary monsters, new Artifacts, a mixture of the original and modified and/or new Encounters. I might do an errata with small suggestions on how to adapt some of the existing adventure sites to my universe but I don't see the need to rewrite them for inclusion in this supplement. I might include some of my own for flavor, however. But that's about it as far as that goes.

So my biggest question mark is if a supplement like this is allowable and how much is allowable to include. If it is allowable, I'm totally okay with sharing the beta book with whomever I need to before going forward with sending it out to backers or anything like that. But I've been a huge fan Mutant since its first English release and the RPG releases from this company have just continued to get better and better since then. I'd love to be able to finish this supplement and include it in the graphic novel's kickstarter stretch goals as a nice way of supporting Forbidden Lands (as they'd need the product to run the supplement) and give fans of my product and world I've created something to enjoy and explore post-comic. (This is especially true since there will probably be at least a few months of downtime between the project being funded and the colors and letters being completed, as 170 pages was a lot of pages to sketch, pencil, and ink as it was, and coloring and letter shouldn't take as long but still will take a while due to the sheer size of the project.)

At the same time, for example, the redesigned magic system isn't reinventing the wheel. Certain powers and what they do may have been renamed or altered but they are essentially the same as the original. In other cases, some new powers have been added (as almost all the categories now have at least 9 powers each, three per level). Rebuilding it completely from scratch would have been redundant (although certain paths like the Path of Lightning needed to be more or less built from scratch).

Additionally, for the sake of utility and ease, the majority of the Kin talents were retained but assigned to the races in this world that they best fit. New ones were also added for new races or adapted from non-playable races to fit the universe.

I also had to tweak some of the wording and set-up for some of the professions but was able to keep them mostly the same outside of the magic profession designs. The only real alterations deal charges to Forbidden Lands setting specific words and modifications to suggestions for Prides and Dark Secrets and stuff like that. So I'm not sure what would be okay as far as the inclusion of those.

The same is true of monsters. Certain monsters didn't fit in this universe but adapted versions are runnable with a different name and lore but being able to retain the majority of the stat-blocks and attack info. Obviously, some also had to be built from scratch as there was no real compatibly similar version of them in the current Bestiary. The same with the somewhat expansive list of additional mounts.

Custom artifacts are also a thing. However, all the original game's artifacts are fine as is for the most part and can still be used if someone has the core books or cards. The same is true for the most part with the adventure sites. As with some other areas, some of the sites could use some rewording and redesign as far as the races and the universe lore to fit the setting. But I feel like rather than redesign that much content (especially since they span across multiple books), I think most GMs can figure out which sites they might want to include and modify those things on their own. As such, an errata style suggestion page for each adventure site like "Make such and such this race instead or instead of ghosts they are this or instead of a Thunder lizard its a Lightning spider" and so on might be in order. But it's not a focus at this point in time. Perhaps I could have custom adventure sites as another stretch goal. For now, I think what's included in the source material should suffice.

Lastly, the encounter "tree." Obviously, since certain races and creatures don't exist in my universe, it has been rebuilt some. In some cases, new encounters must be added. In other cases, current encounters can be modified or reworded. Likewise, the potential expansion of additional encounter trees to include night-time encounters and seasonal or territorial-specific encounters is also something I'd like to include in this supplement. I'm not sure if I could include the original GM Guide encounter list (but modified accordingly) along with those additional encounter trees. It would be great if so, but if not it's not the end of the world.

***As a side note, I've also created a custom Undead system for characters that want to play Undead completely with custom Undead General Talents, Conditions, Crit Chart, Mutations Chart, and Paths for PCs to level themselves up into Restless Undead, Ghouls, or even Death Knights. (It's loosely attached to the game but more of just a fun, open-setting extra supplement on the side.) I don't know if this could be included or even released as a separate thing. I imagine I could even just release it on the forum as it isn't really big enough to be its own stand alone thing and its more of a niche item. But there's that too.***

So yeah. Obviously, there's a lot of stuff going on with this particular supplement. I have an "alpha" version of it that my group has been playing from for a while. I actually made a calendar to track the groups progress as well. It was pretty entertaining.

That said, you obviously still need the books. I don't really touch the goods or weapons or talents or skills. The core game mechanics are solid and versatile. The new races have custom ages but don't alter the basic mechanics of how Age, Pride, Dark Secret, or any of the other Adventurer mechanics work (outside of an expansion to Reputation rules). Conditions and combat and damage are mostly identical (there is some language about how to identify if and when you enter close combat as opposed to general combat). The Crit charts are almost the same (outside of an expanded non-typical/elemental damage crit chart). Journey and Stronghold rules work pretty much identical (outside of some modifications to Hirelings and Functions). So outside of the minor tweaks, most of that wouldn't need to be included.

So yeah. Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Concerns? If it's a no-go, it's no worries. I can adapt it to another system. But I am a big fan of Forbidden Lands so I'd love to throw some support that way. I feel like it could be a win-win. *shrugs* But either way... there is still plenty of time as the kickstarter is about a month or two away (depending on how a few things get ironed out). So if someone could get back to me, that would be cool. Sorry for the long post. But thanks for your time! :D

P.S. One more thing... can the templates for the book fonts and charts be used to keep consistency? Or should I design my own? All the art itself (monster, races, maps, etc.) would be custom. Just something else that came to mind that I thought I'd ask. Sorry again for the long post. But thanks in advance! :)

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