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My compendiums for Forbidden Lands

Posted: Fri 06 Dec 2019, 01:35
by Kvitulv
Hi I am in the business of making some compendiums for my own upcoming FL Campaign and thought why not share them? I've mad similar writing for  WFRP 3rd edition for Liber Fantatica volume VI and VII

I will compile all my Compendiums in this post. This post will be Updated as soon as a compendium is finished, I will mark it with a big UPDATE sign and DATE of update. 
UPDATE 6/12: Due to formatting process numbers jumped everywhere in Compendium l: Distinguishing marks. Fixed it, formatted documents added page numbers. Hopefully this one looks better. 
UPDATE 28/12: added Compendium II Group talents (changed name from Party talent to avoid  confusion). Cards will be added soon. 

Compendium I: Distinguishing Marks (Completed). Get it here!: ... sp=sharing
Compendium II: Group Talents (Competed) Get it here!: ... sp=sharing
Add on: Group Talent cards (in progress)
Compenium III: Witch Brew. (Deadline: February2020)

Compendium IV: Carousing (Deadline: February 2020)
Compendium V: Pleasures of the Night (Deadline: March 2020)

Compendium l: Distinguishing Marks
 Basically Distinguishing marks are things that set you apart from the others, It might be physiological like having a Big Nose, Charismatic eyes or Snaggle Teeth. Or it could be a presence like Gracious Bearing, Haughty Expression or even how you voice sounds like Pitiful Voice etc. The about 90-100 distinguishing marks are currently divided into 4 groups, Head, Body, Expression and Distant Origin, since a T66 can deal with those numbers.
Get your Compendium here : ... sp=sharing Version 2.0, added page numbers
Compendium ll: Group Talents (changed from Party talents)
Party Talent Card is a more ambitious take on the game rules. There will be among 8 Party Talents (like Young Fools, Intrepid Adventurers, Inglorious Bastards etc.). First they serve as creating a group concept what kind of adventurers you wanna be? that kinda thing, (The group can only have 1 Party Talent), it will cost about the same as a normal talent but it will require all players to chip in the same amount of XP to buy it or increase rank. Each Party Talent will have a unity rating (between 4-10), which is like a moral rating of how united the group is. If it gets too low due to constant arguing, backstabbing and otherwise the Talent will become inactive as the band is close to splitting.The rules will cover how the Unity mechanism will work, some general things like Carousing in the local tavern will always increase Unity, and specific things that pends on what Party Talent card you have (like with Opportunistic Mercenaries, running away from combat will always result in loosing Unity points).
Examples of Party Talents: 
 Example (1): Opportunistic Mercenaries, You are part of a well oiled killing machine that has learned to take advantage of each other's momentum in combat.   

Unspent extra success can be placed on the Party Talent card. Any character part of the group can use these extra success dice during their turn, but only on skill rolls that have already succeeded. After the battle remove all but one success dice from the card. When camping for night or any character of group choose Rest or Sleep action remove any extra success from the card. 

Rank 1: up to 2 extra success dice can be stored on the Party card. 
Rank 2: up to 3 extra success dice can be stored on the Party card.
Rank 3: up to 4 extra success dice can be stored on the Party card. 

example (2) Inglorious Bastards,  You are part of a group that can take a beating and are tough enough to shake even horrible injuries. It leaves impressive scars though, and sometimes missing teeth. You can shake off damage taken to you as an Fast Action. 

Rank 1: ignore the first (1) damage taken per gaming session if you shake it off. 
Rank 2: ignore the first (2) damage taken per gaming session if you shake it off. 
Rank 3: as above plus the first critical hit tasks per gaming session cannot have a score higher than 56. (rank 3 must change, conflict with use of helmets in combat!) 

 Compendium III: Witch Brew. (set back, due to unknown error all text lost) 
This one really got me excited and looking forward to hammering down the rules for potion and making it. Forbidden Lands sorely miss Potions to quench down when special circumstances need it. But it won't come without a risk. 

"My Kingdom for a Juicy Elixir of Strength." -unknown

Witch Potions let a character swap attribute points for a duration of time, minimum 1 turn.
All Potions contain a poison called mutagen, take to much potions you'll risk Mutagen Mishap
Mutagen works almost exactly like Rot in Mutant, drinking too much of the stuff will ruin the very fabric of your body and soul.

Examples of Witch Potions:

Weak Potion: Move 1 Attribute point to Strength, last 1 Turn. 1 Mutagen point.
Strong Potion: Move 2 Attribute points to Strength, last 1 Turn 2 Mutagen points.
Very Potent Potion: Move 3 Attribute points to Strength, last 1 Turn 3 Mutagen Points.

Can increase duration, +1 Mutagen for each Quarter of day. +3 Mutagen for Potion that lets users decide which attribute to increase. 

To make: need a new Talent: Witch brews, and Witch Cauldron.
Suggested: new building Witcher's Hut. New building Natural Baths and Inner Sanctum to faster clean out Mutagen points.

Compendium IV: Carousing (in progress)
Which brings me to the most fun compendium that I am making: Carousing & night-time adventures (work title). When a good party starts at the inn or the local warlord or whatever you can use this compendium to add flavor to the party. Be warned some serious shit can happen. Like when setting up camp, Carousing has role players assign the characters like: Heavy Drinker, cheerful companion, Boasting Kegger, That Sullen guy in the corner. etc. Each will roll a separate Carousing check (yes there will be misshap tables), some will have a nighttime adventure, others will find themselves locked into a stupid competition of some sort, a daring contest that sorts a thing, and again others will pass out in vomit. The lucky ones will wake up in their own beds. There will be charts for adventure types (yes including romantic ones),You find yourself galloping down the street on a horse that is not yours, dressed in a shirt that is not yours. ahead of you your fellow drinking buddies awaiting on horses as well.   And finally an Aftermath table ... You wake up in your own bed, someone lays next to you snoring. A hen walks around the room clucking indignantly. Your armpits are shaved and sore. 

Compendium V: Pleasures of the Night (not started yet) or Companions of the night
We all have that one particular player that always seeks out a companion, to take to bed. Whether he tries to pick up the tavern wench or seeks out the nearest Brothel as soon as you set your foot in a town. Or automatically tries to be cheeky with any female NPC vaguely described as ...well female. that guy! (or girl). But Hey roleplay is about fun and why once in a while give the that player a rest, throw a bone? So this compendium is about just that, to allow romance find it's way in this Cursed Lands. This compendium will contain a bunch of NPCs that also look for a companion to share the night with. Random encounters, at taverns, Castles, and in the wilderness.. oh baby let's get wild!  Be brave, ignite your heart give in to the temptations of the Pleasures of the Night. Find love, a nightly companion or something entirely else. 
There will be many interesting NPCs, both potential allies or enemies. Some rules like Well-rested and perky condition, even a mishap table (god I love those). But Don't worry it will be done very tactful.

And that's it folks.

Take care fellow Ravenlanders!   


Re: My compendiums for Forbidden Lands

Posted: Fri 06 Dec 2019, 03:04
by drsmitty
Very clever!  Look forward to seeing the rest of these.

Re: My compendiums for Forbidden Lands

Posted: Fri 06 Dec 2019, 10:13
by lupex
These sound really good, I can't wait to take a proper look.

Re: My compendiums for Forbidden Lands

Posted: Mon 16 Dec 2019, 17:16
by Kvitulv
Just to be sure. 

the two next compendiums: Party Talent cards, and Witch Brew (finally potions in the Forbidden lands) will be released before Christmas. My problem has been formatting the text. Now it seems to be solved, so in the next few days I will release those compendiums. The Witch Brew will be released on 20 Dec, Check Netflix for hints about what that compendium will contain. ;) Anyone said Mutagens? 


Take care fellow Ravenlanders  

Re: My compendiums for Forbidden Lands

Posted: Mon 23 Dec 2019, 11:09
by Kvitulv

both Compendium II and III will be released shortly. Unfortunately not before Christmas. But between Christmas and new year. 

Take care fellow Ravenlanders

Re: My compendiums for Forbidden Lands

Posted: Mon 23 Dec 2019, 17:42
by PencilBoy99
Look forward to the rest!

Re: My compendiums for Forbidden Lands

Posted: Sat 28 Dec 2019, 18:15
by Kvitulv
Compendium II: Group Talents added. 
check it out. Please give me a note if any rules conflicts with existing rules. or typos. Any comments are welcomed. 

NOTE: none of the group talents have been tested in the game. So use with caution. I plan to test the talents and do the necessary changes for balance later.  

take care fellow Ravenlanders. 

Re: My compendiums for Forbidden Lands

Posted: Thu 30 Jan 2020, 03:21
by Ralk
Going to be using the group talents in my next game, looking forward to all the other stuff too!

Re: My compendiums for Forbidden Lands

Posted: Wed 05 Feb 2020, 18:23
by Kvitulv
Thanks Ralk, much appreciated to hear.

And when times come, you're welcome to tell me how Group Talents did work or not work for you.

I'm starting my own Forbidden Lands campaign next week so I'm super busy. things happened, life-stuff. But I want to finish the Group Talent cards and the Witch Brew before we start. So hopefully I will be able to post that quite soon. 

take care Ravenlander. 

Re: My compendiums for Forbidden Lands

Posted: Wed 08 Apr 2020, 17:21
by Ralk
Campaign took longer to start than normal, after a hard drive failure, but it has been going a full month now and the players have invested in the Opportunistic Mercenaries group talent, refluffed as Monster Slayers. They really enjoy the unity mechanic and the roleplaying opportunities it offers. I've told them what else you're working on and they seem most interested in IV and V. I already have a homebrew system in place for something like your potions, but aimed more at recovery (We have homebrew recovery rules, healing is much slower than RAW), otherwise they'd probably be interested in your potion compendium as well.