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Forbidden lands legend generator

Thu 11 Jul 2019, 15:40

Hi, I'm developing a legend generator where you can copy the result into your clipboard... right now it's just a mobile android app for a quick legend creator rather than roll several times during the game if you get stuck or if you don't have too much time to prepare a session. Do you think this is interesting? Also does Fria Ligan agree to have it in the playstore? I was thinking to have it in beta of google play first and see if they like it, but I need an email address to send the invite.
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Re: Forbidden lands legend generator

Thu 11 Jul 2019, 17:28

This sounds really good, I look forward to when it is available.
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Re: Forbidden lands legend generator

Thu 11 Jul 2019, 20:12

This is great! I tried once to do it with google sheets but I gave up and moved on to Treasures and Finds. I think it is worth it, at some point we are going to need more legends than the ones they give us. I am glad somebody is going for it. 
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Re: Forbidden lands legend generator

Fri 12 Jul 2019, 11:43

I just make them up real quick :) Writing the Legends is half the fun of creating a thing or site. Writing the "hook" to bait your players :D so if it is a generator, make sure there are plenty of options so that it becomes a strong spine for a GM to elaborate from. Looking forward to it! Good job!

Here are some examples that I wrote:

It is said that the daggers from the old times were made of stone and glass. The glass daggers were so hard that they would never lose their edge. One of these daggers, the black dagger, has its own legend. They say it whispers to you. That it tells you things…

In the beginning of time, the gods would create flowers of life called flowers. These were used by druids to heal the world. There are but a few of these left. If you find one, take good care of it. But beware its power, it is said to be wanting something in return.

Bodies that are damaged, memories lost, hearts broken. Everything can be mended they say but for this you need Tholgin’s elixir. Now this is of course a myth. Everyone knows there is no such drink, right?

Greyvale… Greyvale. Oh yes! The city of Greyvale. Yes, it had all sorts of interesting stuff there. I heard it was huge. Well it’s no city no more, it’s just a village now… or rather, a hamlet, if you can even call it that. I heard Orcs took it over. They probably have all sorts of treasures there. But you know, fighting Orcs is not a joke. They are merciless! But I mean, they are probably long gone now. Though I did hear of a guy who went to Greyvale and came back with just one arm. I mean, he was strapped to a donkey, and all that was left of him was a torso, head and arm. How he survived I have noooo idea. It’s all true I tell you! Hmm now that I think about it, it is said that the woods around Greyvale was once home to powerful druids who raised large stone circles infused with magic. They inscribed magical runes into the stones and used them to forge weapons and armour beyond your imagination! Legend even says that they had such powerful magic, that they created a castle called Moorshire. Well, that is what the legend says at least. No one I talked to has seen any stone circles in those woods, or a castle for that matter... but then again, no one has dared to venture deep into the woods due to the blood mist. Although now that the mist is gone, perhaps it is time to go look for those treasures! But then again... Orcs. And I just ate breakfast.