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sharp tongue talent

Tue 18 Jun 2019, 17:08

I have a problem with sharp tongue talent. It does not cost a point of willpower to be activated and with a minstrel who possesses 8D, it is difficult for a warrior to resist.

- How do you manage this talent in combat?
- What happens when he breaks a person in combat?
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Re: sharp tongue talent

Tue 18 Jun 2019, 17:25

It is up to the GM if he allows Manipulation in a particular combat scene. If usually allow it in the beginning of a combat or if there is a natural paus in the fighting (both sides are taking cover or moves or something).

A person who breaks in Empathy either run and hide somewhere or become violent and start to hit things. Regardless of what he is still broken and should act accordingly (or if the player can't, the GM will temporary take over). The violent could be that he attacks the guy with the sharp tongue or the tent text to him or he might threw a vase at a wall. It shouldn't be something thoughtful. One way to do it is to let the broken in Empathy (angry version) to attack whatever caused him to be angry or things that are in his to him but disallow him to take any defensive actions (or smart actions).
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Re: sharp tongue talent

Tue 18 Jun 2019, 19:54

There are also a lot of modifiers to social combat. Range, numbers, bargaining position.

Just because on paper the bard has 8 dice doesnt mean hes actually rolling 8 dice.

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