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Players pushing forage/hunting etc.

Thu 09 May 2019, 08:53

So we ran into this situation: Party was preparing to sleep for the night and they were quite banged up already. While one of them remained to set the camp, others went on foraging. Now, even when they succeeded in their roll, they decided to push their roll with an intention to roll skulls to get WP. As they were about to rest anyways it seemed like a no-brainer as the possible damage would be healed.

This does not sound intentional to me. Is it even allowed by the rules? I could have of course disturbed their rest, but that would be a bit unfair in my opinion: they were just playing by the rules.

Is there something I am missing? How am I supposed to handle this?
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Re: Players pushing forage/hunting etc.

Thu 09 May 2019, 09:17

For most of the foraging/hunting rolls, extra successes are useful, so I don’t see this as such a stretch. I know some groups have a house rule that you can’t push a successful roll, to avoid this exploit. My preferred method of disincentivising “fishing for WP” is to make sure to always roleplay damage. If you manage to turn damage into more than just numbers, it feels really immersion-breaking to go out of your way to hurt yourself and players will start to self-regulate. On the other hand, if your players only want pulp-action, gaming the system and slaying monsters, good for them, and you will just have to accommodate that.
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Re: Players pushing forage/hunting etc.

Thu 09 May 2019, 16:54

No player can make a skill roll unless the GM say so and you can't push a skill roll unless there is a meaning to it. But if extra 6s if useful then it is ok if the skill roll was allowed by the GM.

Remember here that there can be events all times of the day and if the characters split up, multiple events can happen or at least not all players are nearby the event. So if some raiders sneak attack while the camp is being built by character A while character B keep watch and character C and D are doing something else, then only two character will face the raiders or worse, perhaps the raiders attacks the foragers.
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