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How do you get spells?

Fri 03 May 2019, 14:01

How do PCs get spells at character creation? How do they get more spells during a campaign?
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Re: How do you get spells?

Fri 03 May 2019, 14:22

A druid/sorcerer knows all spells in all magic disciplines (i.e. magic talents) that he has ranks in, up to his rank and he may also chance all spells that is one rank above his own rank. So a sorcerer with Blood magic rank 1 can cast all general and Blood magic rank spells and can chance cast all general and blood magic rank 2 spells. They learn more spells by increasing their rank in his discipline and also by learning another discipline.
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Re: How do you get spells?

Fri 03 May 2019, 16:04

There is also the possibility to creat own spells.
Has anyone experience with this ... 
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Re: How do you get spells?

Mon 10 Jun 2019, 01:17

I attempted this while trying to use coriolis in a shadowrun style game..
Not easy, we came up with make a skill in each circle of magic,
ie. Circle of fire, circle of life, circle of mind etc et c.
Then came up with a bunch of spells and gave them prerequisites.
Fire ball spell - required Circle of fire 2
Flame barrier spell - required Circle of fire 2, circle of warding 1
Frenzy spell - required circle of mind 1, circle of fire 1

A character had to have the skill ranks in all the skills to use the spell. then make a normal skill roll to use it.

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