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Mounted combat

Sun 17 Mar 2019, 17:59


Can anyone offer some clarification/share experiences re: mounted combat? In particular:

1. Does the horse provide the movement element for mounted characters and by extension, can the horse react and dodge 'for' the character via a move test? 
2. If the horse attacks an enemy while it is mounted, does it do this separate to the PC riding it and thus does not affect that PCs fast/slow action use for that round or require an animal handling test?
3. Or is it the case that if a PC is riding a horse (case in point relates to a war horse which is less than shabby in combat) then for the horse to be involved in combat at all requires an animal handling skill test, which reflects all of the PCs actions for that round?

Apologies for the garbled explanation, but hopefully you get what I'm driving at :)

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Re: Mounted combat

Mon 18 Mar 2019, 09:27

Riding Animals do not do these things. They do not have actions from my understanding.

pg. 115, MOVE: "When you are mounted, and are about to perform an action that usually requires you to roll MOVE, roll for ANIMAL HANDLING instead..."

That's your action, and you making a roll, the animal's abilities are irrelevant. Now, in the open, you're moving faster so there's that.

pg. 69, Path of the Companion, Rank 3, you can spend a WP point to make your "horse" attack.

I'm pretty sure that's all the relevant information on riding animal actions... Your mount doesn't make you particularly more dangerous in a fight, but you get other bonuses for being mounted that make you plenty more effective. 
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Re: Mounted combat

Mon 18 Mar 2019, 22:43

Perfect, many thanks. I suspected that we were over complicating matters.
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Re: Mounted combat

Sun 31 Mar 2019, 19:03

Fria Ligan