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AP podcast Sweden Rolls season finale!

Posted: Fri 22 Feb 2019, 11:09
by Andreas GM
The actual-play podcast Sweden Rolls where four actors play a campaign of Forbidden lands has now released it's season finale! 
Check it out here:
Or on whatever podcast player you prefer, Spotify/itunes/Acast/Castbox etc

Re: AP podcast Sweden Rolls season finale!

Posted: Tue 26 Feb 2019, 16:11
by Addramyr
Watched the whole season (not starting Tales from the Loop).
I was a bit sad that it didn't really portray the grim & gritty reality of the Forbidden Lands, or at least not enough from what I'd expect of this game (felt a bit too beer & pretzels to me) but it was a nice and fun ride nonetheless! Really liked the quality (actors and production).
I'll keep following your podcast, thanks a lot!