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Re: Stronghold rules hack (simpler)

Tue 30 Apr 2019, 09:40

I really like the simplicity of Addramyr's pdf and would like to implement it in my campaign asap. Only thing I'm missing is benefits and profits from the various buildings. As it is right now it will cost the PCs a fortune to run a stronghold and not really get that much return on their investment.

My players have long since established a stronghold with the original rules and the level of micromanagement was just enormous and almost a whole game in itself, so it will be very nice with some simplified rules :)
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Re: Stronghold rules hack (simpler)

Sat 16 May 2020, 21:40

I did some updates on the rules, mainly tweaking the costs and income.
Here's the Google Sheet link: ... sp=sharing

Also added some instructions on the right side.

Under salaries, you get gold/season or alternate numbers for income /month.
I'm not sure which one feels better. I feel like /season is less bookeepy.

I'm also unsure if having different versions of the same building makes sense. I think it might be better to just allow some buildings to be built multiple times, adding its benefits each time (closer to RAW and more elegant).

This needs extensive playtest and my group isn't nearly close to getting a stronghold, so if anybody tries this, I'd like feedback!

In the best of worlds, I'd present everything in a flowchart.
Here's what it might look like (totally stole arts from Civ VI)
flowchart.jpg (109.82 KiB) Viewed 81 times
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Re: Stronghold rules hack (simpler)

Sat 16 May 2020, 23:42

My interactions with the stronghold rules have been pretty scant. I’m actually not too worried about it though.

Say they take over a mostly crumbled tower. Okay, so they have a tower, maybe they hire a guard to look after they’re stuff while they’re gone. A couple weeks later real time they have some money from an adventure site and they want to blow on building a tannery so the party’s hunter has something to do with his pelts. They buy the units they need for it and put it up. It only has output when it both has a worker and a source of pelts. Do they need a ton of leather for something? Maybe they temporarily hire another hunter and for a couple weeks you’re keeping track of leather production and wages for a guard and hunter. That’s not much.

To get to the levels of bookkeeping that this is meant to avoid your party have been going for a long time and an almost unimaginable amount of wealth.

Or to put it simply don’t worry about managing a stronghold with every possible expansion as you’ll probably never see one and if the need to simplify it ever comes around, you’ll probably see it coming pretty slowly. :D
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