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Poison and the Rogue

Mon 18 Feb 2019, 22:55

The Rogue’s Talent, Path of Poison states that “You always carry an assortment of poisons.” The Poisoner Talent seems to be used for non-rogues. Is there any reason a Rogue would purchase the Poisoner Talent?
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Re: Poison and the Rogue

Mon 18 Feb 2019, 23:12

I am still learning the rules and preparing for the first session, but from the initial reading
  • Poisoner is to grant access to poisons to non-rogue professions and allows to craft poisons. It does not require spend of Will Power, which is finite resource per session.
  • Poisoner provides Artifact Die
  • Activating the features from the Path of the Poison costs Will Power points, those are finite.
The two talents do not exclude but compliment each other.

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