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Re: Wailer's Hold

Wed 06 Feb 2019, 18:59

A possible twist would be that another dwarven clan tries to beat the Meromannians to ”liberating” Wailer's hold – probably the Canides or possibly the Crombes to get closer in preparing an assault on Vond. If the attempt is successful, the liberator's might well give Wailer's hold back to the Meromannians and thus gain the strategical, political and moral upper hand, playing for dominance in the long run when Ravenland is again in the hands of dwarves and, if necessary, elves (what true dwarf would like to live in a wood anyway?).

Since dwarves are governed by honour, competence and competition, the Meromannians would not easily shake the resulting ”thankfulness”, debt and feelings of clan inferiority even though they´d hate it. In the long run, this might actally threaten their status as an independent clan. If the Meromannians got wind of such a ”liberation” scheme they would most likely try to sabotage it, quite hands on – perhaps secretly employing orcs or *brrrr* honorless mercenaries, aka ”adventurers” – while on the surface keeping up gratefulness and politeness towards their ”beloved kinsmen and allies”.  The wannabe liberators might in turn sabotage the Meromannian preparations which probably are more openly performed, perhaps wanting them to try and fail, then letting the liberators sweep in as their saviours when both defenders and Meromannian attackers are battle-fatigued.
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Re: Wailer's Hold

Wed 06 Feb 2019, 19:34

That would be quite an interesting development! It's a good reminder that the setting is alive and the different factions are constantly moving towards their goals.

I can easily see my players getting entangled in these machinations as they travel close to the area and stumble upon a surveyor expedition from the Meromannians or a different clan.
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Re: Wailer's Hold

Wed 06 Feb 2019, 19:48

Love these small tidbits that expand on the existing setting. Copy paste into my notebook :)
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Re: Wailer's Hold

Tue 12 Feb 2019, 13:47

One of my campaigns will have Wailers Hold as one of its main story parts. My adventurers are currently traveling with a dwarven merchant who is traveling south from N11 to V27. With the caravan is a dwarven smith and his wife who claims they are moving south to start a new life. But in reality they are Meromannian nobility traveling to a meeting where the future of Wailers Hold will be discussed.

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