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The Hollows - Ghosts

Tue 05 Feb 2019, 11:52

My party of hardy adventurers are currently experiencing all the Hollows has to offer, they are in the middle of the beer war (In fact they may have directly incited the not-dwarf to challenge Mrs Polmer and are trying to head away from the confrontation) and have just been challenged by the knight from strange event 5, "The Duel", but the description is a little confusing.  What template does the knight use, is it a standard ghost, or a death knight or even a ghoul as the text suggests?

Any guidance would be appreciated.
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Re: The Hollows - Ghosts

Tue 05 Feb 2019, 12:11

I just handled it like a regular undead with chainmail, but upon being struck in melee by a character/hitting a character with an attack, it would cause them to be thrown back to SHORT range. In our case that had one of the PCs thrown into the icy cold river. Worked great.
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