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D&D style ready action

Mon 28 Jan 2019, 21:59

This situation occurred to our group just now.

In battle Sulfur the Sorcerer used Entice (drawing the magic sign to his palm) to lure a goblin archer out of his cover out in the open. Krii the Rogue wanted to lay low nearby and shank the goblin the moment he walked out of his cover. However, Krii's turn came first in the initiative order before the goblin had a chance to walk mesmerized towards Sulfur. We took some liberties to allow Krii to strike out of his turn after the goblin archer was out in the open but how should such situation really pan out rulewise in Forbidden lands? In D&D, Ready action (not to be confused with readying weapon in Forbidden lands) would be used. Mind you, the battle was already going on, Krii just had kept a low profile.
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Re: D&D style ready action

Mon 28 Jan 2019, 23:29

I’m not in any way an expert on the rules....but I don’t see any issue with letting player “hold” their  action, and acting out of turn.....meaning if they have the higher initiative, they can wait and act later then what their “rank” in the order Of things is.... 

Of course that means NPCS/enemies should be given the same option....
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Re: D&D style ready action

Tue 29 Jan 2019, 18:15

Page 84 of the players handbooks says:
You never draw a new initiative card during
a fight, but you can exchange your initiative
card – and thus your initiative for the round
– with another player character. This can be
done at the start of the fight or at the start
of the round, but never during a round. You
and the other player character must be able
to speak to each other to exchange initiatives.
You can exchange initiative cards with an
enemy through the FEINT action (see Close
I don't see any reason why, since you were able to speak to the person before combat to make a plan, that you couldn't trade cards with them if they drew an earlier one. That was the plan after all, to strike while hidden.
There is also the Ambush rules on page 90, if the person wanted to ambush then they basically get a free attack on a successful roll outside of combat. At the end of the day, if something doesn't mesh well with how things should work, then bend the rules. The GM has that ability.
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Re: D&D style ready action

Tue 29 Jan 2019, 19:19

It probably wouldn't have been as much of a problem both PC's didn't have their turn before the NPC. Also, there isn't really rules about intercepting.

I assure you I bent rules a bit here and there, using both ambush and sneak attack rules. :)

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