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Slumpgen: NPC Generator for Android

Mon 07 Jan 2019, 18:16

Hello everyone!

We've been working on an NPC generator for a university Android course and we're finally at the point where we can share it with the world in the form of a beta test. The app supports English and Swedish, and currently works with phones running Android 7 and up. This is our first foray into Android development so there will be some jankiness, but you're free to try it out and if you want, send us a raven with your feedback!

More information and download here. (Google Play Store)
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Re: Slumpgen: NPC Generator for Android

Mon 07 Jan 2019, 19:23

Really nice work. I will see if I can find any bugs.
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Re: Slumpgen: NPC Generator for Android

Tue 08 Jan 2019, 03:35

It's not available for me :(
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