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LFP For Online Game Fridays GMT -7

Tue 11 Dec 2018, 06:33


I run a Twitch channel and plan on running Forbidden Lands on it in the New Year and need players! 

I'm looking for 3-4 players who can commit to a weekly game, looking at running it Friday nights 9pm MST (GMT -7).  I'll be running it on either Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds (haven't decided yet) and using Discord for voice (no cams for the games).  A decent mic is the only thing I ask as the game will be streamed.

Here is a link to my Youtube page with some videos of prior games: ... 3G4QtPNA1A

If you're interested let me know!

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Re: LFP For Online Game Fridays GMT -7

Tue 11 Dec 2018, 12:55

Sounds really intresting, but I don't think I have the time... :-(

Let me know if you want some tips! One of my podcasts record via the internet and I'd be happy to help :-)

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