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Repairing Artifacts (and Advanced repairs?)

Fri 05 Oct 2018, 03:24

This is a question posed to anyone with better reading comprehension than myself, but primarily Fria writers themselves: Can Artifacts be repaired when broken?

On my way to framing this question, I want to also clarify something I discovered while searching for an answer to this question.

In the Gear Gets Worn section, there is mention made of Advanced and Simple gear, and differing requirements to repair the two. It's then clarified in the Simple and Advanced Items note on Crafting that every item in the Gear List is categorized as Advanced or Simple.

Looking at the Gear List I cannot find any trace of Advanced or Simple items categorization, except that some items list Talent requirements. Is this what was intended?
And getting to the core of my question: Are Artifacts Advanced items that require a talent to repair, and if so, what talent? Do Artifacts merely break forever when their Gear bonus is exhausted?

Obviously I can homebrew a talent, or make a ruling on the matter, but I'm curious if I've merely missed something in the Rules as written.
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Re: Repairing Artifacts (and Advanced repairs?)

Fri 05 Oct 2018, 05:03

Advanced items are items that require specific talents to make or repair (page 52). So this means that a flail (or most weapons actually) is and advanced items because you need to have the Smith talent in order to make a flail (or repair it) while wooden club is a simple items because it doesn't require any talent to make one (or repair one).
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Re: Repairing Artifacts (and Advanced repairs?)

Fri 05 Oct 2018, 09:40

Artifacts such as armour and weapons are repaired the same as normal items of the same type.
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