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Re: Mapping locations on the map

Tue 26 May 2020, 02:32

Any idea where Dragon's Tooth aka Scarnehall is located? Not sure if this is pre-printed on the map. Sometimes I miss the hard to read font. If it is to be placed, any thoughts on C21? Not to far away from Vond.
I put mine in the North East corner of the map, as the Crombe dwarf description says they eat fish - which indicated to me they were near the sea. Furthermore, that region is named as the Crombe area.
Makes sense. I forgot to look at the kin map. I ended up putting it on the castle location at the tip of the NE mountain chain. Man, they took a long hike when finding a new place to live after Vond fell...
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Re: Mapping locations on the map

Mon 31 Aug 2020, 21:50

I borrow this one... If players want to start from "village" symbol in three river cross (Vivend). Where are they then? They will place The Hollows to other place.

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