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Posted: Mon 27 Aug 2018, 00:24
by Klas
Players get worried and thrilled when they take damage so I want to make good use of all the attributes. Damage to WITS and EMPATHY is relatively unlikely compared to STRENGTH and AGILITY. An expanded treatment of FEAR could be used to balance this. E.g.
  • Taking a substantial amount of damage against STRENGTH.
  • Knowing that you are being hunted or persecuted.
  • Time pressure to solve a critical problem.
  • Entering obviously dangerous locations.
  • ...
The RAW mostly hand out damage from FEAR as a consequence of very tangible things (certain spells, special monster attacks) but it seems to me that uncertainty about the future would be a great complement. Will I die? Will I be caught? Will there be a catastrophe? Etc.

Any suggestions on how to balance this would be welcome.


Posted: Mon 27 Aug 2018, 09:51
by Eldhierta
It all depends on how much you want anxiety and fear for the past/present/future to be a part of your game. I like the idea, so how about we take those factors that you described and rule that when you are subjected to them you have to make a modified roll for Endurance paired with the affected Attribute to determine if you are able to endure the stress/paranoia/fear of the situation?

And then you can scale the trauma from either being a flat number to making it an opposed roll against a number of FEAR dice.


Posted: Mon 27 Aug 2018, 22:09
by Klas
Endurance is a good idea. Some sort of save should probably be available anyway.