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Thu 16 Aug 2018, 02:12

My favorite character of the campaign book is clearly Merigall. My interpretation is that the demon is the real but hidden center piece of the campaign, yet hides in plain view. The character has directly useful relationships with all sides in the drama and isn't "good" or "evil" in any meaningful sense. This makes for a very very versatile narrative "tool". Well done!
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Re: Merigall

Fri 22 Feb 2019, 18:31

I've not finished to read it, but i like him too!

I imagine sometimes that he is also the resaon why Rust and Heme appeared as God in alderland. I mean, Heme sending visions, etc... But they are to be just interpretations of Wyrm and Raven... It can't be so simple. He could be the master of puppets behind this, playing with weak humans.

Maybe is he glad that humans came, because elves and dwarves are too hard to manipulate...
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