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Character Starting gear

Wed 28 Apr 2021, 12:27

Hi to all,
I'm new in this forum and in this very beautifull game!
When you start with a new character , do you consider that the starting gear is adequate ? I ask this because , for example a character with Rider profession starts with an horse that's has a value of 2 golds and other stuff , if you choose a Rogue it does'nt have nothing from his profession as a base and, anyway, the value of lockpicks is not the same to have an horse. Why there is a gap so strong between some professions ? If a character has lived in a civilized community should have only (always speaking about rogue for example) 2 general object, 1 dagger and some silver coin ?
What's your opinion ?
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Re: Character Starting gear

Sat 01 May 2021, 14:36

I don't allow players free choice of profession or race at the start of the game as I run a forced low level campaign (very limited advancement) so do not have a problem with it, some people just start luckier than others.

But, as DM you can always take the horse away (had to sell it to pay off a gambling debt or it went lame) or, if you are more generous than me, can give other player characters something to make up the difference. Treat what is written in the book as only one possibility on building a character, do whatever fits your world or adventure best.
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Re: Character Starting gear

Sun 02 May 2021, 11:51

While the advantage in gold coin value is higher for the rider than the rogue - consider that all of this is a group effort. The rider can scout ahead or something and report back to the group, which is an asset everyone profits from. But while travelling, as long as (s)he is the only one with a horse, there is no benefit for anyone. If the group are in dire need of cash, they can sell the horse and have some coin in their purses and again, that's something everyone will profit from. And they have to care for the horse, too!

Personally, I'm opposed to just randomly take stuff away from players to achieve a very subjective feeling of "equal starting conditions" in a group. The only thing that accomplishes is making them feel cheated and nothing is gained for the group experience. Noone in our group was bothered much by the different starting gear, it evens out after a while and as I mentioned - it's a group effort, so they can appreciate that everyone is throwing something into the group pool.

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