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Village adventure sites and kin

Sat 10 Aug 2019, 01:43

How many different kin do you actually populate your village sites with? I'm sort of making the assumption that most village adventure sites are predominated by humans, half-elves, or halflings. The other kin don't seem in my mind to have villages in the same sense that they are characterized in say the village generator. Dwarves are likely to be in mountain holds/mines, I feel like Elves are probably pretty semi-nomadic with some exceptions in their own territories and likely don't move in large groups, Wolfkin, Orcs, and Goblins probably all have "villages" of some sort but they won't be the kind with farms outside, a trading post, and an inn. I suppose the Orcs living in the abandoned Elf city may by a partial exception to this. All of this being said I'm sure it's not terribly uncommon to have a few individuals of other kin scattered among human villages.

I'm waiting on my copy of Raven's Purge, perhaps there are examples there that might alter my impression on this. Until then, thoughts?
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Re: Village adventure sites and kin

Sat 10 Aug 2019, 02:12

Mostly humans. Sometimes a dwarf or two or half-elf or halflings. Never elves, unless they rule the city or stuff.

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