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Tue 12 Mar 2019, 09:41

I get some questions about inspiration for this and that and concluded that the subject deserves a thread. Inspiration might be actual sources for something in the game or just cool stuff that you happened to pass by. I'll leave examples of both. Please fill in – there are no ”correct” answers.

Examples of actual templates
* The castle ruin ”Eye of the Rose” in Raven's Purge is actually Ludlow Castle in Shropshire, England. I mirrored the castle and moved the round tower to the centre to make it look like an eye.
* The temple ”Haggler's house” in Raven's purge has the approximate layout of a chemical Heme group, the stuff that makes blood red. The connection to the prostetic group below corresponds to the catacombs under the temple. This is of course because the temple is dedicated to the goddess Heme (whose appearance by the way is inspired by the sculptures of Swedish artist Maria ”Wildheart” Westerberg).

Cool stuff
I think the Icelanders really capture the spirit of the Rust Brothers in their entry for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.
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Re: Inspiration

Wed 13 Mar 2019, 06:08

Thanks for sharing these sources of inspiration, Brior!

The Haggler's House reference would be quite difficult to guess without you telling us. :D