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Wyrm, Raven and Rust/Heme

Thu 27 Sep 2018, 13:54

I really like the fact that religion is a divider and a way to ”separate friend from foe”.

I’ll try to let this show at least once every session.

So, I’ve been trying to come up with small but important differences between worshipers of Wyrm, Raven and Rust/Heme. If someone wears a symbol or an iron mask then its of course obvious. Im thinking more about everyday things like sayings, geastures and customs that are telltale signs.

So far I’ve used this greeting:

Wyrmworshipers: May he show (us) the way.
Ravenworshipers: May he lead the way.
Rust/Heme worshipers: In his/her name we prepare the way.

The proper response to this could be something like: ”He shows the way/ He leads the way/ In his/her name”. Or if you want to proclame a different faith you respond with your own greeting. A subtle, but revealing way to profess your faith.

Thoughts, suggestions?