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Sat 16 Jun 2018, 11:11

There are charges for road tolls mentioned, and the adventure sites also mention roads but there isn’t actually any discussion of roads in the journey section.  Where are they across the lands, what type of roads exist, how do they aid journey time, what encounters can be had on the roads, do roads link nearby or distant villages, castles and dungeons etc?
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Re: Roads

Sat 16 Jun 2018, 12:24

All former roads between adventure sites has been overgrown over the years of the Blood Mist due to lack of being used. Roads can exist within an adventure site because they could have been used during the Blood Mist. Roads tolls are usually charged at the border of a village or at bridges and that can still be done. Roads between settlements are usually made over time, naturally, something that probably is beyond the campaign.
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Re: Roads

Tue 19 Jun 2018, 17:43

Yep, just like Fenhorn says. :)
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Re: Roads

Tue 19 Jun 2018, 20:44

I was wondering if any new roads have been made or old roads uncovered and brought back into use during the few years since the blood mist has lifted?
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Re: Roads

Sat 06 Oct 2018, 15:51

In the history timeline section it mentions roads built by dwarfs, namely Gordor, made of huge slabs of stone that I would imagine would still be of partial working order considering a) 300 years isn’t that awefully long for massive segments of solid stone to erode. Roman roads are still in use in some places of Europe and b) dwarven stone singers could have maintained them during the Bloodmist, at least in some local areas between and around their cities.
In the south however, I could see them as less common or nonexistent.
In the travel section, it mentions bridges and fords. However the map does not have them marked. Aside from the adventure sites, are there any bridges and fords? Is that left up to the GM to decide placement? Are there stickers provided to mark such structures? Any recommendations for likely locations?