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Crafting rule

Thu 13 Jun 2019, 21:56

Sorry, I made a quick search but found nothing about this. 
Either I got it completely wrong or the example of function building on P 163 is completely broken. The PC try to build 3 function for a total of 38 days (one month + one week + one day). They take four times the required amount of time which makes 38 x 4 = 152...oh no wait, 44 days in order to get a +4 modifier. Well, they obviously cheat because P. 53 states that four times the amount of required time is a +2 modifier and it is the maximum modifier one can get. Did I miss something or is the example actually broken ?
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Re: Crafting rule

Thu 13 Jun 2019, 22:33

Oh darn. I remember this example from the beta and then forgot about it (and I was probably not the only one :oops:).

One way to make it work would be to assume the time assumed for building the scriptorium is wrong and assume 2 weeks instead of 1 month. If we go with that it will be:
1 day + 1 week + 2 weeks = 22 days x 4 = 88 days / 2 (two people) = 44 days.

But I must say that I don't know if this is what has happened and also I don't know if two people is reducing time or just helps with the skill roll or if that is a (house)rule I use and not an official one. If my assumption is right, the right number would be:
1 day + 1 week + 1 month (1 month = 4 weeks for simplicity here) = 36 days x 4 = 144 days / 2 (two people) = 72 days

And also, he should have +3, not +4. +2 from extra time and +1 from the help. He would have had +4 if he had Builder rank 2.

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